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Snouggie's Friends

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All these cats were abandoned. Some are still feral. However, they all have a secure home now. Never have to be frightened again about being thrown away. We have a statement in our home.
"Once in our family ALWAYS in our family!" Here are their stories. I think the best way to introduce everyone in chronological order. First is Smokey & Cuddles both males and litter mates. My sister found them in a milk crate at a grocery store--eyes still closed. Owner stopped put the milk crate out of the back of the pickup and drove off. My sister went to investigate. Found 4 kittens. She gave us 2 as she had already placed the other two. Been with us 13 years.

Silky Soft--Brother rescued her from a car lot. She was the prettiest and one of five. All received homes the same day. 12 years with us. A tortie

Black Beauty--did not know why her human opened the door an gave her the boot. We bought the house and when we opened the door, she was the first one in. She stayed. After all, it was her home first and she didn't sign the sales agreement.

Kittens--Black Beauty had four but had to go to the vet the week prior to birth as she became ill. We lost the firstborn so we have the three Purrball, Pauzz (paws-z), Mischief. All are black like their mommy.

Fluffy--Sounded like a bat or owl was caught in our window screen. When we went out to investigate, this black thing streaked past us into the enclosed porch. He decided he was home and found a soft corner to sleep in.

Honeydew--yellow tabby came and politely asked to be allowed to share our home. Abandoned a few doors down when they moved. The husband was extremely cruel to this kitten and he is so loving.

Muffet & Stripes--Mother & son. Still overcoming torture trauma. Muffet is a Tortie. Stripes a tabby and a miniature of Cuddles.

Snouggie–pregnant. Multicolored in patches NOT a tortie or calico (wrong colors). Extremely loving and always wants to see one of her new humans. One of us have to be in sight 24/7.

Her kittens still unknown.
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Please feel free to post many photos of your babies!
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What an you are to have rescued them all! Yes, please post pictures!!!
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Cynthia, It's nice to hear rescue stories. I guess Snouggie's the latest rescue. I agree. We like to see pictures! You might want to write one of your best rescue stories and submit it to LDG (Laurie). She has a site devoted to rescues.
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Already sent some to Laurie. She contacted me right away. Bookmarked her website for future reference. Snouggie is the latest (but not the last--unfortunately so many more to be rescued and so little room). If only people would be responsible to spay/neuter their pets.
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