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My pretty Princess:)

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Hello everyone:

I want to share some pics of my kitty Princess tonight. The pics are not too good because I just took them and it is dark, but I still wanted to share them. I bought some toys for my kitties today and Princess loved this one. This girl always surprises me with the way she reacts to things. She is a bit of a trouble maker, she is VERY possesive, I mean she doesn't share her toys and her bed, she just doesn't share. My other kitty SofÃ:censor:a tried to play with her and Princess attacked her, it was like she was saying:"this is MY toy, don't touch it"! It was awful, I've been trying to make them like each other but Princess is very difficult. Fuzzy and Lucas have accepted SofÃ:censor:a, they love her, but Princess is upset.

Anyway, we'll work on it, here is Princess with her toy:

These were taken after she scared SofÃ:censor:a away....the poor baby

see her attitude??

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So cute!!

How is that toy she's in? I keep seeing it and wanting to get it...
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Hi, thanks

I bought that toy today at walgreens. it has a hangy ball and a ball inside a tube that the kitty will try to get out. I don't know if I explaned that well, my first language is spanish, hehe. Overall, it is a fun toy, but my boy kitties Lucas and Fuzzy didn't like it at all, only Princess and SofÃ:censor:a liked it, of course, poor little SofÃ:censor:a didn't get to play since Princess didn't let her.

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Oh, I see that attitude! She's such a darling she wears her attitude well.

And that toy looks like fun!! No wonder Princess didn't share!
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LOVE the little beauty mark on her nose! What a doll!
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