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Last update on Ted's mom [long sorry]

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We had a meeting with Ted's Mom's Dr. Today;
She has Dementia with the onset of Alzheimer's,with a underlaying of severse[sp] depression.
Now that we know what is wrong with her,we had to decide what to do with her.The Dr.said there is no way she could ever live on her own,she would always have to be in a home with 24/7 care.So.....The Dr.told Ted he would have to tell her right out,she would never live with us again.So she would understand she had to get used to the fact Ted can not save her from the mean people who were holding her against her will.[which is her story now]. That went over like a fat rat!The social worker was in the room with us,so she could record her mood,I am the b**** that is making him say this,nothing the social worker or Ted said would get through to her.So we just left after the social worker said she would be working with her about this.And that Ted is doing the right thing,But it is still hard on him.So that is what we are going to do,we are going to get on with our life!Thank all of you,for your past support
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Sherral, because of the behavior you described in previous posts, I was thinking that maybe Ted's mother was developing Alzheimer's. I'm glad you will be able to get on with your lives now!!! Maybe you and Ted could try weekly visits to see his mother? You could always say you can't stay very long. If she starts becoming verbally abusive or having other behavorial problems you can make an excuse and get up and leave. Good luck!!!
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Thank you for careing,That is what the Dr.said to do,we will do that.
And not feel quilty![sp]
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