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Inexpensive date ideas?

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Hey all!
Do you have any inexpensive date ideas? Or just suggestions on what I should do with my SO tonight! ^_^ It's date night and it's up to me to plan it.

I was thinking a picnic in the park maybe.. but I dunno! I'm so bad at this.

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Picnic in the park. A blanket, lounging pillows, snacks and dinner, extra drinks. A game of some sort, soft music.
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I love to take walks in neighborhoods that I've never really been in. Or go to a park and act like kids again (swinging on swings, using the see saw etc) We always pack a lunch or dinner to take a long.

Hubby and I are famous for inexpensive dates as money is tight.

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FREE CONCERTS! If you live near a university or community college this won't be hard to find. Most every community has a community band or chorus of some kind and most of them offer free conerts.

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I love the picnic idea. It is always one of my favorite.
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Whatever you guys pick to do, tonight the moon is supposed to appear unusually large at the horizon as it's rising. Optical illusion, of course, but it's really beautiful! Maybe ya'all can catch it?

Here's to a great date night! \t
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Ooh I like the picnic in the park idea. We should do that for one of our date nights.

I'd go with that idea!
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I'm quite fond of going to museums and zoos.. both tend to be pretty cheap or even have free days. We also like to hike or mountain bike and pack our own lunch. Something goofy like mini-golf can be fun and around here you can usually find good coupons!
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The drive-in movie is a classic fun date. My city has free movie in the park nights, haven't been to one, but I will. Check you areas community website for free/cheap events coming up. My SO and I pretty much just do pricey dinners, as he's in the biz.

For anyone wanting a picinc: my SO never wants to go on picincs, so a girlfriend of mine and I went recently to a big park and had the best time ever! A bottle of wine, fruit, cheese and crackers and don't forget the wine opener! Now my SO is kinda interested in going since I went without him
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