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Important Vaccine question...

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I picked up my Ocicat kitten, Holly, from the breeder a week ago today (11th). I really like and trust this breeder. She said the kittens received the last of the vaccines the day before I picked her up and took her home, and didn't need to do anything until she is 4months old and gets spayed and rabies shot. She added that I should watch Holly for reaction to the shot, like cold symptoms because I took her home a week early, and call her should I have any questions.

Monday (16th) Holly went to the vet with my fiance for her health check and they gave her the shot again! .. We didn't ask for it, they were just following their own routine of vaccinating every 4weeks or something and assumed she needed it because she is just now 12 weeks old (?) born March 24.

The breeder might have written down the dates wrong on the paper she gave me because it says Holly's last shot should have been when she is 12weeks old but she already had it?...

The breeder has told me not to give her anything else, but the vet thinks she should be getting vaccines until 16weeks old. I'm so confused and couldn't sleep last night beacuse of this. All I care about is that Holly is healthy. Help?
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Did the breeder have a list of the shots that Holly received? Typically, a shot is given at 8 weeks, 12 weeks, and 16 weeks. The rabies shot is also given at 16 weeks or later (but not before). That is my Vet's schedule.

First...if Holly is fine...then hopefully the double shot didn't harm her...Second...get a list of shots and the dates that the shots were given from the breeder. You should really have gotten certificates of vaccinations as well, with the name of the vaccinations/boosters and the date given.

Perhaps your Vet didn't realize that Holly had received her final booster.

Sometimes kitties will react from the vaccinations....mine did only for the first one..he was quiet and sleepy. The second one didn't slow him down one little bit.........he will get his final vaccinations and rabies shot in a few weeks.

If Holly received the shot on Monday...and she's fine today...I don't believe there's a need to worry....but phone the Vet and ask. Maybe that will ease your mind.

Born March 24
May 19 = 8 weeks
June 16 = 12 weeks
July 14 = 16 weeks..............I would really get the documentation of vaccinations from the breeder. The breeder's schedule doesn't seem right to me.
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It's like having a baby I'm so worried about her, and she's a cat and probably fine The breeder did give me her shots record and what kind. She started them at 4 weeks old I think, maybe thats why the vet was confused. I don't know anything about kittie shots.
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It seems strange that the shots started at 4 weeks old...the kittens have an immunity from their mothers milk.....perhaps the kittens were weaned at 4 weeks...

The shots contain protection against some very deadly diseases that the kittens can pick up, somehow.

I hope your kitty continues to do well. Next time you see your Vet, ask him/her to go over the vaccination protocol with you. I'm sure he/she will be wondering why the kitties started their vaccinations so early.
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