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It's the Lies I Can't Stand (a vent, I'm sorry to say)

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Ok, I don't normally vent here, but this is too much and I need someone to cry to!

I'll be the first to admit I have it good, and I'm probably whining and over reacting. But I'm crying at work and hate that, so wanted to get it off my chest. Please forgive me!

So I work for a property management company. My boss has "interesting" business ethics, but I do an excellent job, if I do say so myself.

One of our ex-clients (sold his building, so it wasn't like he's ex for a bad reason) just filed a report against us with the Better Business Bureau. That wouldn't be so bad if one, he didn't fill the report with LIES, and two, he didn't CALL ME A DISGRACE BY NAME. I bent over backwards for this jerk and catered to his every whim and in thanks he humilates me like this???

Admittedly, he does have reason to complain, against the company, but not me personally! So, if he has legitimate reasons to complain (we are charging him for leasing commissions he doesn't think he should be charged for), WHY DID HE MAKE UP LIES AGAINST ME???

I won't bore you with all the details, but two points really hurt.

1. He claims I am "very unorganzied, monthly statements would be provided haphazardly, late, or not provided until asked upon". I processed his statements TWO WEEKS EARLIER THAN NORMAL AT HIS REQUEST!! Never ONCE was I late. NEVER. I made a few mistakes because he needed them HAND DRAWN because he's too stupid to understand a normal operating statement. But COME ON. In two years I made THREE typos.


2. He claims "I (our ex-client) clearly listed all final bills to be paid and always paid my bills and all associated management fees on time without any qualms." That's bull *&^%$#. *I* listed the final bills, quite clearly as he said. And *I* paid the bills! All of them! That's my job!! He never paid a single bill! I even had to pay our own management company, and trust me, he had qualms! He fought every single penny I paid us, and multiple times I had to explain to him, after writing it in the statements, and only after thinking about it for a week would he accept it.

Those are the two big things that really hurt me. I know, there's worse things to happen. It just comes as such a shock. I seriously kissed this guy's feet, and this is how he repays me? And to have a complaint listed IN MY NAME in the Better Business Bureau? Why couldn't he just say the company?

Ok, ok, I know, enough whining on my part. It can be worse, I know...

I just had to cry to someone so I stop crying here! So thank you for listening.
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unfortuently this sort of thing happens all too often. One thing goes wrong and they pin it on whoever they can. Its not fair. I cant offer any advice, but i'll offer my sympathy. Sometimes you just need people to hear your side of it too.sending good luck vibes
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Since he's filing an official report with the BBB, the company should be allowed a rebuttal, and you should find a way to provide evidence to clear your name.

If you have ANY evidence that isn't circumstantial to prove your side, gather it up now. Make sure that you don't include any information that could cause privacy concerns. Contact the BBB and ask how you can clear your name, because you have evidence to prove that it is not true.

Anytime someone files a claim with the BBB, they are supposed to investigate the claim. If he IS lying, the BBB will find out.

Good luck! And don't feel bad...there are all kinds of jerks out there, and you just happened to get smacked by one. *hugs*
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People make me sad, because they are so petty and bitter on so many occasions.

I am sorry that you ended up taking the brunt of his anger. It was not right, or fair.
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Aw, thanks guys! I feel much better now!

And emrldsky, I looked into doing what you suggested, but it seems the BBB is not treating this as a complaint, so apparantly I have no name to clear! Which is nice. Though he made me mad enough, I wouldn't mind fighting!!

Ah well, in this business, there's lots worse that can happen, so I'm thankful that everything is ok, if just temporarily humilating. And it's really nice to have you guys here, you help a lot!
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I am glad it wasn't a compaint per se, but I would still be very angry!
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I'd storm round there and punch him one!
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Everything is on paper on the records, so all you would have to do is demand the BBB read them, which you have the right to do, but I am glad it won't come to that. What horse's a**.
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