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Kitty question

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As all of you know I have 4 baby siamese kittens, And I have a question, about something I did not have with with the other litter,ok I know you start feeding solid food at 3 weeks,2 of the 4 will eat it, but not the two smaller one;s,should I open their mouth's and put some in or wait intill they seem to want it? Or should I buy the kitty milk and give it to the 2 who will not eat the food? Thanks
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I would give the smaller ones a supplimental of soaked food with kitten milk fed with a syringe. This way they get the taste of the food and it will beef them up a litle more.
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Thank you I will try this.
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I usually let them nurse for 5 weeks before introducing food, and then I just do it gradually so by the time they are 7 weeks old they are fully weaned and eating. I usually put a little bit of food on the kittie's whiskers and chins to give them a taste, then once they taste the good stuff they usually just step right into the plate. LOL
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Sherral, I'm sure you know that the canned food is just a supplement to mother cat's milk. She won't wean them for quite a some weeks yet. Siamese kittens are a bit smaller than other kittens, so don't worry if they seem to be a bit behind schedule. I don't add softened dry food until they are doing well with the canned food.
Remember, mother cat can get pregnant while still nursing. Forgive me if I'm telling you things you already know!
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The two males which are bigger have picked feeding real easy,but the two females which are smaller will not take it inless I open there mouth's,so I think will wait a later.They all use the litter box.
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Thank you I forgive you LOL,Mommy is not aloud out side! And daddy is visiting my son's house so we don;t have kitty;s for a long while!I do have can food,which I was giving mommy,I will try that,They nurse off mommy still!! Even after the 2 eat food,little pigs! I did not know siamese were smaller! See I did learn something new today,i never liked cat intill I got my first Siamese! I never had baby;s intill my first litter 2 years ago!
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I normally haven't bothered to introduce the solid foods to the young ones until about 4 weeks of age, sometimes they wont be interested in it until about 5 weeks.
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I'm going to move this to health and nutrition for you since its, well, a nutrition question! You'll get good advice in there!
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In that case, Sherral, I should advise you that kittens, especially Siamese kittens, should stay with mother and littermates until 12 weeks old, even though their mother has weaned them. They learn quite a bit from her and the interaction with their littermates. The public thinks six weeks is right, but breeders will not let them go that young. This quote is from www.oldstylesiamese.com:

Kittens should leave their homes at a minimum age of twelve weeks," says Dr. Betsy Arnold, DVM, a veteran Siamese breeder and veterinarian with an all-feline practice in Rochester, New York called Caring for Cats. "In my practice I have seen kittens coming in at six and seven weeks who weight twelve, maybe fourteen ounces. These are infants. They needed to stay with their mothers."

Twelve weeks may seem old to people accustomed to seeing newspaper ads advertising kittens who are "ready to go" at six or eight weeks of age. Most of us who have had cats have acquired kittens that young. They are cute at that age, and most people enjoy having such young kittens to watch them grow. However, we may permanently harm kittens by separating them from their mothers so early. There are crucial mental, emotional, and developmental milestones that a kitten experiences between six and twelve weeks of age. Separating the kitten from mother, siblings, and familiar surroundings at that age can cause undue anxiety and stress at the least, and serious medical problems or even death in the very worst cases.
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They will be 4 weeks Friday,And I just started feeding them yesterday.
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update! I got all four kitten's eating can food!And they love it! Thank you for all your help!
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