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How would this work

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I am planning to make a trip up to Canada again over the 4th of July to see my girl and she wants me to bring Tom this time. I am fine with this but I am wondering how do what two adults do with Tom in the same room seeing how he will be staying at the hotel with us. I know he's just a cat but that would be...strange to have him watching but if I shut him in anywhere he meows like he is bing abused so...any solutions for this?
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I would say that unless youre going to be gone for an extended amount of time then it is probably best to not take your cat along. It will stress the cat some more so then if the cat was in its own environment. How far away is this place from where you are now?
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I will be staying for about 10 days and its about a 9 hour drive. I am driving, I always do, and especially if I am taking him with me I will be driving. I've been trying like crazy to get my gf to come down here to see me(less traveling for me and the cat) but she can't do it so I will have to make my third trip up their and she really does want to meet the cat. Me and Tom will be moving up their permanantly in about a year so I want to make sure my girl and Tom get along okay because my girl has had problems with cats in the past so I just want to make sure its a good fit. Its just...I don't know how the romance is going to work with Tom in the same room.
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Im sure it will be cats sleep with DH and me and when we get romantic they both go under the bed or sleep on the dresser which has a blanket just for them!
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You haven't had any problems with the cats getting curious and investigating what your doing?
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Just the kitten who is 3 months old she likes to chase things that move under the covers, but she seems to have grown out of that now. Tigger used to investigate when we first got married but has lost all interest now...he was still fairly young then too...almost one year old when we got married.
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I understand your concern. I blame it on my ex - he used to get really freaked out by my dog or his cat being present...anyway, now I am not a fan of having the animals around when we are doing our thing, but none of our kittens have ever explored or anything. It all depends on your cat, of course. I know these interludes are not always planned, but maybe try and distract him with a toy or some treats? Takes a bit of the romance out of it all, but might stop him from trying to get involved.....
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Hello, has anyone checked with Canadian customs to see if it's ok to bring your cat across? I'd do that before anything else. As far as the cat vs gf vs hotel room, I think it's a lousy idea. Cats are first and foremost territorial, and get very bent out of shape if made to leave home, often beginning new and unwanted habits in places that may be very expensive to clean up if soiled, not to mention how bad the cat may feel in a strange place, or the chance (there's always one) of his escaping the room into the hotel and/or out the door. Of course you've also checked with the hotel to see if they like the idea of a cat guest?
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Yes I checked with Customs and as long as I have all the paper work that he is valid with his shots everything is fine. And I found a pet friendly hotel...its about 20 minutes further then I really wanted to stay but if it will make my girl happy then I am willing to do it. That and it will be about 200 dollars cheaper to stay at this place then my last hotel. My cat actually doesn't mind changing territories I take him to other places all the time. In fact other than the two times he's gone to the vet, when we get in the car its always for at least 3 hours and he just sleeps the entire time. Excellent traveler and when we get to our destination he is very fast to come out of the cage and explore his new environment and never bothered by the new surroundings.
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Whether Tom would enjoy the trip or not is really up to him. While I agree that a lot of cats might become completely traumatized being uprooted and taken on a trip like that, others would be equally upset at being left behind for that period of time. You being his owner know him best. I have one of each. Libbi would be horrified to go on a trip so she gets a cat sitter, but my Spooky handles just about anything better than having to be separated from me for any measurable amount of time so he goes wherever I go with no problems at all. I would be concerned how you are going to handle potty time for him on a 9 hour drive? I’ve never gone on a drive longer than 3 hours with Spooky, so I’ve never had to figure that out (but would be interested in knowing).

As far as the romantic issue – that’s also going to be up to Tom. Has he ever been around when you were involved with anyone before? Spooky has been known to get on the bed and try to figure out what we’re doing which is quite awkward. However SO and I play and cuddle with him other times when we’re on the bed so it makes sense that he would think he was invited all the time… He usually figures out pretty quickly that we aren’t paying attention to him, and leaves us alone.
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Originally Posted by CruiserMaiden View Post
However SO and I play and cuddle with him other times when we’re on the bed so it makes sense that he would think he was invited all the time… He usually figures out pretty quickly that we aren’t paying attention to him, and leaves us alone.
That’s my Bugsy, he thinks he’s invited to our special time . Its almost a given that when we start Bugsy will come join us. He just sits at the end of the bed and sleeps. He doesn’t bother us, he just likes to be there. In fact, the only times he hasn’t been there has been when I accidentally locked him in another room (Which I do a lot since he so sneaky, I try and close every door we are not in just in case they get into something, paranoid Mommy).
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My parents cat always came with us on family trips and we had TONS of them. And we always just left him unchaged and free to roam so he could walk to his litter box, use it, and then go sleep somewhere. But their were 4 people to watch him to make sure that he left my dad alone. With only me I am a little leary of leaving him uncaged because he might want to come cuddle or even worse go sleep by my legs. He might be just small enough or flexable enough to get under my leg and get something stuck under a pedal or to get stepped on when I am breaking or accelerating(more of the latter to be honest). I did try starting him in the cage and then letting him out once and he wouldn't even come out. So thats fine, he just flept in the cage with the door open and I liked that because then I could reach in and pet him every once in a while(I drive with one hand anyway). If he doesn't try being a lap cat or trying to sleep on the floor by my feet I might just put the litter box on the floor behind me and then let him roam. I have an suv so their is pleanty of room for him to explore things. Thats actually how I brought him home, lose in the car, but I held him the entire time. That was a fun 65 minute drive...not. I liked the bonding that happened but it was so hard to drive like that. I know I would have to cage him again at the boarder because I don't trust having the window open for that long with him out and running around. The last thing I need is for him to jump out the window at the checking station...that place is a zoo.

The last two trips he has stayed with my parents and has been absolutly fine while I was gone. And my parents love him to peices so they really don't mind watching him. Even my parents cat seems to like least tollerate him. Tikki(my parents cat) is about 16 years old so he doesn't play that much any more and Tom doesn't stop playing so...their kind of polar opposites. But everyonce in a while Tikki will play with him and its so fun to watch. I just get a little nervice when Tikki decides to use tom as a chair and sit on him(tikki is pushing 20 pounds). So leaving him at my parents house isn't a problem its just Barb(my girlfriend) really wants to see him.

And no he has never been around me when I was doing anything like that with another person and he is VERY currious by nature so it will be interesting. Last time me and my girl were together we just stayed on top of all the blankets but I don't think thats going to be an option this time. Though Tom loves to attack things that are under the covers. Hopefully I can get a room with two beds that way me and Barb can have one bed and he can have the other with treats and toys on it. I think I might have to break my no treat rule so I can enjoy my time with my girlfriend. Being that I live about 700 miles from her we don't get that much time to be together so when I do see her things get pretty...involved .
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