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Can't Find Duke!

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I just got a text message from my BF that he can't find Duke!

They are tenting alot of the mobile homes in the park for termites and the other day they actually killed one of the tenants cats He was a very sweet kitty that we rescued from being taken to the shelter

Well, Brandon said they're tenting the house in front of us (which thier backyard is our side/front yard) and he can't find Duke!

Him and the tenant who lost her kitty are calling for him but he's nowhere to be found! I hate that he's an inside/outside kitty (he's the only one who goes out) and he usually stays in the yard but he's disappeared!

Please send "Come home NOW" vibes for Duke?!

I'm so worried but I can't leave work!
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that Duke gets himself home!
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Lots of "come home" on their way.
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for Duke!
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Sending many vibes for Duke~

How scary not knowing where he is!
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Oh NO!!! Praying hard that he finds Duke and he is fine! The poor other kitty.
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Duke, you get yourself back home!
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OH No...Come home soon, safe and sound vibes
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Sending lots of vibes for Duke's safe return home.
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Sounds like Duke might have gotten scared and is probably hiding somewhere! So many Let us know whats
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Come home soon Duke!
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I hope hes home by now
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Much to my relief, he is home!

Brandon searched for about 2 hours and so did our neighbor. When he went inside to get the rest of the treats (to shake the can) Low and behold, there sat Duke!
He was inside the whole time!
Brandon told me he was sitting on the coffee table, half asleep with a look like "What's your problem? "

Sooooooooooo happy he didn't get hurt!
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Phew These cats will be the death of us
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Bakker has increase the amount of grey hair I have due to his hiding games.
Glad to read he was inside and safe. (except for getting yelled at by his meowmy!)
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Thank goodness hes home
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Originally Posted by Bella713 View Post
Phew These cats will be the death of us
You're telling me!
He's a sneaky little booger
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What a relief!!
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Glad to hear it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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that is fantastic news!
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I have had that happen and then they look at you like your insane. They just appear out of nowhere! I am glad he is home.
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