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Bringing stupidty to new levels

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Locked myself outta someone else's house. I'm cat sitting for her.

Get spare key from her mom - doesn't work.

Call locksmith. Happens to be the dad of one of my sister's ex-boyfriends (and it ended very badly).

Locksmith recognized my name. This should be fun!

I am such a moron, I was so tired last night & locked myself out only to realize an hour later after I was home what I did. I even had to call the lady to ask her if it was OK for me to get a locksmith to come out.

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You numpty!! Actually i locked myself out of this house i'm in now after only a couple of weeks, the first time in my entire life!. I put all my shopping bags inside the porch and shut the door closed while i put something in the bin. Luckily my friend Pam has a spare key and she's just a couple of minutes walk up the road
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oh dear...

You're not a moron though, you were just a bit tired
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Oh....I thought this was an Obama thread.

Seriously its no big deal....people do this all the time, especially when they're tired. I've called a locksmith many times.....
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Just because our minds go on vacation it doesn't make us morons.
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Way to go Nat! Niiiice!
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Yeah, well, locksmith got me in. Spent an hour or so with the kitties. Will go back this afternoon & again tonight (they got stiffed time wise last night as I was so tired, gotta make up for it or they might become vegenful! ).

Get home to realize I locked myself out of my own house! We have a spare key hidden away, at least. Wow, I think I might go spend the next week in bed!
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Aw, you're not a moron, you were just tired, that happens.

Now me, I am stupid! I was house / puppy sitting for a dear friend, whom I do that for very often. So often, in fact, that I have my own copy of her house key.

So she told me she was leaving for the weekend, and that she would leave the pups in the house in the morning, and I was to go see them in the evening to feed them and let them out to potty. She gave me a few days notice of this, so I had plenty of time to be prepared.

I didn't even think to check that I had my keys, because I keep them on my normal keychain. So that evening comes by, the dogs have been in the house for a few hours already and were hungry. I go over to her house, driving my car so OF COURSE I have my keys, right? Nope!

A MONTH earlier, my keychain broke, and my keys fell off. I thought I had grabbed them all, but didn't notice that I didn't have hers! So I panicked, of course. The dogs needed to be pottied, they were SO excited to see me, and I had to leave! I searched desperately for the keys, but couldn't find them. I didn't remember where my key chain had broken!

So it got to the point where I was about to call a locksmith, and was SURE I'd find a mess in the house- both potty and that they had helped themselves to dinner- when I remembered where the keychain had broken.

Ends up it was in my JACKET POCKET! Not the one I was wearing, one I hadn't worn since it broke, but sure enough, there were the keys, in my jacket pocket in my closet.

I was so happy I could cry! And, the pups were very good, they had no messes at all!

Glad everything ended up ok with you and the kitties, too. But yeah, I think you need to be sure to get lots of sleep and rest soon!
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Story of my life. I once called a locksmith to get the keys out of my girlfriend's car after I scoured the house for them and determined that they had to be in there. Turns out they were in the pocket of my jacket, hanging in the closet.

Also, just the other night I managed to lock my keys in the trunk of my car. Niiiiice. It took me three hours to get a locksmith to help me. My insurance company covers that stuff (thank God), but of course I had to do it on their time. Good thing I was at the mall and could just keep on shopping

So don't be too hard on yourself. You're not the biggest doofus around; I guarantee it
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I lock myself out of my car all the time it's a good thing we have a spare key magnet on the car doesn't make you a moron
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