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Just wanted to share

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This is an incredible website. The orca scratching pad arrived today and my cats went overboard in their responses to it! My review will be up later on my cat review website, but honestly- check this website out for the ultimate entertainment for your cat and for you! such a grand selection of scratching pads!
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OKay, I think I know of someone on here who may want to order the Banana shaped Scratch N' Shape...

those are too cool! I think my two would go nuts... they kill my poor little cardboard scratchers...

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About how much do they run?
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Originally Posted by SkyeCat0117 View Post
About how much do they run?
i just ordered the large Orca [altho i wanted the tiger - but it was $120!] & w/shipping, it was $34.58. i compared prices for all of the online vendors, & that was the best - even tho one offered free shipping, they were about $3 for the same scratcher.
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They are the wholesaler so you would have to go to the vendor portion then find your state and see what the pad retails for. But what is amazing is how this scratching pad has affected my crew- they will not leave it alone. I have two kittens in the belly of the whale and four adults on the whale's back.
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I had to lock the pad up in the closet last night- they were so thrilled with it, they made to much noise on it and we needed to sleep! LOL
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do they ship to canada?
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love the name and the logo!!!
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Ooohhh! I love the dachshund! I wonder if they're going to start exporting them? Or if they already do?
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Ohhh! they look like they would be so much fun for the furbabies! I'm thinking I'll have to try and find out if they will ship to Canada, because I want to order!
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