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Chloe is Armed & Ready

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This is what happens when I leave Chloe home with my SO for the weekend. His story is that he had it out propped up on the blanket and she started messing with it and attacking it by crawling under it, but I'm pretty sure he just posed her with it (even though that is totally something Chloe would do)

(obviously it's not loaded, he had it out to clean it. Please no anti AR-15 comments...)
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Wow... The only pictures I've seen of cats and guns are photo shopped!

Your kitty is a real warrior
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She is lovely even with a gun. Calamity Chloe
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she's so pretty! i love her colours!
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LMAO omg. I can totally see my boyfriend doing soemthing like that. Such a man thing to do. LOL too funny.
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oh, goodness. you'd better feed her right on time
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blimey she is a feline rambo!
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That is hilarious!!!
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Wouldn't mess with her now if I were you!!!
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