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Fading kitten syndrome!

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Hello Everyone!
Well today wasent a good day for me one of my Foster Kittys Died today on the Fading Kitten Syndrome!
Can somebody tell me more about this i have never heard about it i looked on the net but it is all so complicated.....
Im really sad about my lil guy i had to tell me sadness to someone!
Thank you all
very sad Heidi
If i am wrong here can someone please move it in the right spot!
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It happens to young kittens. How old was the Kitten?
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He was about 8 weeks old
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Poor Kitten So sorry he died. It usally happens at a younger age. My Sasha came from a litter where they all died except her and her brother. How was he acting before he died? I have seen alot of Kittens fade and die before.
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He always was on the small side! But i thought ok he will be fine and he was the only thing i saw was he stoped growing and didnt gain any weight! He was at the vet and all no worms or anything......
that last day he did not wanted to eat anything wet dry anything so i feed or tierd to feed him by hand but nothing! So i took him to the vet and she gave him water i took him home and it went down the hill very quick heard time breathing and just laying and sleepin on the heatingpad! One of my own cats came and laid right next to him and i was patting him and then he trying to get some air i believe and then he stopped breathing! I was so sad my cat after that just left!!!!!
He was a FIGHTER!!!!!
It was my frist one i have ever seen with this Syndrome i never even knew about that!
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I have and cried every time it happened. My Sasha is small and very skinny. She is almost 2 now. The last kitten I got was Oreo last Nov and she is the runt. My Brother thought she would die. When I got her she was still half the size of the other Kittens. She has fcks though. She is now bigger then Sasha. Sometiemes they have heart problems and do not grow right.
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I was shocked! But i think it was better for him to go!
I still have 2 kittens from that litter one is double in size then the other i hope she will pull through! She is eating fine but her size worries me a lil!
But i will do everything i can and whats in my power to get her up on her feet!
Is there always just one kitten with this synfrome or could there be more?
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Depends. A young or unhealthy mother is more likely to produce weak kittens. Bottle babies are more likely to be weak. Smaller kittens are more likely. Has been likened to SIDS, in that an apparently healthy kitten simply dies. Usually none of the kittens die. In a few cases, the whole litter does. Usually when that happens it's a litter of bottle babies rejected by a young, unhealthy mother... the worst possible situation... but then, whole litters of bottle babies often grow up to be quite healthy too. You never know. Take things as they come.

If you're taking them to the vet, feeding high quality food, etc., then you're doing all you can. But do make sure to ask your vet for a rundown of the signs of the common dangerous illnesses for kittens, just in case this is something other than FKS and could spread.
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