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possible excessive shedding

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Hey, everyone. I'm posting for the elderly lady across the street. She has a two year old neutered orange male ( a real love bug BTW) who is an indoor-outdoor cat. And man is he ever blowing coat! I know our little furry buddies shed quite a bit of undercoat this time of year (seasonal change). I gave her the use of a de-shedding brush to help with that, but still... (you know the kind with the little metal pins in it.)

She wanted to know if there are possibly any other reasons for the excessive shedding... I mean when he rubs against you, yikes ... you are really wearing him.

OK - he seems perfectly healthy. His coat looks good... no patchy hair loss or anything like that.... pretty shiny looking...he's not under stress... a very happy boy.

Could it just be that he just has a lot of undercoat... esp. since he goes outside? Or could it be his diet? I don't know what she feeds him but she is very "old school" and I would guess its junky stuff like grocery store dry and a little wet.

I'm thinking about getting/ investing in a Furminator to have for my shelter kitties and using that on him....

Any suggestions?
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It could be a parasite infection or flea allergy.
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Thanks, Yayi. I did suggest to my neighbor that she take him to the vet.. he's due for his rabies shot... and have him checked/blood work done. I also PM'd Sharky... and she also thought it was the cat's diet. My neighbor is feeding him about the worst cat food possible -- Friskies and 9Lives. So Sharky gave me reco's for food... and my neighbor accepted that.
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