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Sister looking to rehome dog.

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Some of you may remember my sister had a young dog that possibly had health issues. Well after a $500 work up everything looks good. He is now just about completely house broken. The only problem that remains is that he & the existing animals are not seeing eye to eye. He is chasing the cats, and has suffered many scratches. Being smacked full on in the nose with claws out does not deter this guy. So unfortunately one of their cats is living in their basement. He is too high energy for their 7-8 year old dogs. The girls just don't want to play with him, and he is not getting the hint. They saved him from being returned to the Detroit Humane society, and figured if it did not work they could rehome him. Well the lousy economy has most rescue groups over-run with dogs. They are not having luck getting a rescue to help. So if anyone can think of someone that might be right for this guy please P.M. me. He's about 9-10 months old, 38 lbs. From what they were told he is a Shar Pai, Beagle mix. They are willing to foster for a rescue group and any adoption fee would go right to the rescue group. He is on medication and that and all his toys would come with him.
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I had to bump this up and update. This morning my sister called very upset. The two female dogs they have had a bad fight this morning. It's a long story, but it is the presence of the young male dog causing anxiety.

The young dog is now completely house broken. He and one of the female dogs have actually learned to play. He is doing very well, and would be a great dog for just about anyone. He does still chase the cats, but is not intrested in hurting them. He is really just trying to play. If it weren't for the problems with one of the older dogs they would probably keep him. He is a very loving and affectionate dog. Please PM me if you or anyone you know would be intrested in this guy. It is getting to the desperate point where he might have to go back to the Detriot humane society.
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I hope someone comes forward to have this little chap soon

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I can as my friend whitehawk if she wants another dog. She lives in Detroit. Maybe she would know someone.
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That would be great. He's a good dog. It's the other two that have issues. I actually wouldn't mind having him, but 4 cats in 400 sq feet is enough. Not to mention I'm gone 12+ hours a day all week, and that is just not fair to a dog.
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any updates on this little fella how about pics might help his case
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Was wondering that too - did the dog in question find a new home?
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No updates, they are doing their best to find a home. There is a possible home in California, but nothing for sure yet. I'll have to have my sister send me a pic to post. I know she is super sad about giving him up, but the girls were there first. The girls also have their own personalities that requrie special attention.
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OK, here they are the long awaited pix of Rex. How could you resist that face

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