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Kitten Weight

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I've done my research, and from what I can tell, 2 week old kittens should weigh about 8 ounces (230 g) and 3 week old should weigh about 11 ounces (325 g).

The X-Pack is on the lower end of that. About 2 weeks, they were average 8 ounces. Now, at 20 days, they are average 8.5 ounces. So, they seemed to be on track- if the low end- but their weight gain seems to have slowed. From what I've heard and read, kitten weight gains can come in spurts, so maybe they have a spurt coming up.

My biggest question is, are you supposed to be able to feel their ribs? I think of kittens like human babies, and human babies should have some baby fat! These guys have none. They are healthy, fiesty, playful and active, but just seem skinny.

I know I've asked a ton of times about the fact the mommy doesn't eat much, and I've taken your advice and she is getting a little better (I cook more and better for her than me! He he), but she still doesn't seem to eat enough. So, I am still worried about her and consequently how well she is feeding the babies.

I am trying to set up a vet appointment to get mommy dewormed (the rescue wants us to do it- hah! We can't even get close to her!), and will have them look at the kittens at the same time, so if they are very underweight, I'll know and will get professional advice.

Just was wondering if any of you could tell me before that if feeling their ribs is ok or not!

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Feel ribs, should be okay....You should not beable to see ribs when they are standing. My kids are almost 5 months, one weighs 6 1/2 pounds, and my small one is about 4 1/2 pounds. I feel ribs on all. Good luck with the babies!
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Kittens are bony. My vet explained this when I rushed my boys in at 3 months in a blind panic about starvation. They are just bony but they are growing up now and will grow out as they age.
Seldon is still a little bony but he runs up and down the stairs and sleeps less than the others.
If they are eating and you are giving them plenty of food then they are fine.
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Oh, thank you, I feel better now!

Now I won't rush them to the vet in a panic, either, though I'll still try to bring them when mommy gets dewormed.

And yes, they are still nursing when mommy lets them, and we are supplementing when she doesn't (which isn't nearly as often anymore!), so they are eating.

Thank you!
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