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I'm just, I'm just Pippy from the block!

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Hi everyone , this is one old kitty returning to the block!

Pip and I first joined here in 2006 when I first brought him home... we went through pretty much every cough, sneeze and occasional vomit with some of the more regular members here.

We moved into a 3rd story flat and Pip and I were helped by a few here to adjust to the new environment and the calming of desires of an outdoor cat becoming purely an indoor kitty. Pip did really well as in indoor cat and flourished. His once aloof demeanour became playful, funny and almost as close as cuddly could be! Unfortunatly because I wasn't working and barely surviving on my partners salary, I sold the computer and became internet free for a while which is why I disapeared for so long...

We've moved again, this time into a beautiful 2 bedroom house, where hopefully, we'll stay for a while! Pip has recently discovered the big wide outdoors again and has been pinning to go outside, so armed with TCS advice when we moved into the previous flat... I have slowly got him to warm to wearing a collar again, and then to a harness and as of last weekend... a harness, bell and lead! We ventured out into the back garden for the first time in over 18 months and I know that the first feeling of grass of his paws calmed any of his fears immediatly! He now waits patiently at the kitchen door when I get home as if to say "Mom, hurry up, I want to go outside!". So on goes the harness, bell and lead and out we go to sniff every bug, blade of grass and flower in the garden! He loves this time out in the garden and rarely comes in when it's time to but now armed with a harness and lead, I know that he's happier and a tiny bit more content.

I'm back on my feet, working for the Government Olympic Executive as the PA to the Director of Staging of the 2012 London Olympics, I love my job but it doesn't leave much time in the even for me to chill out and relax as I only get in at about 8... ! So coming here and to another site for Stepmothers, I find I'm learning to let go some pent up stress from work!

So, my dear friends, I'm back for a chat, laugh and catchup and WOW it's good to be back!
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Welcome back!
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Hola y bienvenido de nuevo a TCS, ...Catulina y Milky te saludan!!!........
(Translate: Hi and Welcome BACK to TCS, Catulina and Milky say hello to you!!!...)

See you on the forums!

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Welcome & Good luck to you with your job. Sounds like fun!

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It's great to have you and Pip back with us.
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Welcome back. Glad to hear Pip gets to feel the grass between his toes again. Sounds like you have a great job. I know how exciting it is to have the Olympics. When Sydney had them in 2000 the city never looked better. It was so close I could see the fire works from my street at the opening ceremony.
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Welcome back!
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Welcome back!
I bet there`s been a few changes since you were last here
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Welcome back. Wow, your job sounds like a lot of fun!!! Glad to hear Pip is getting out and about on his leash and loving it!!
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