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Question of the Day - June 17th!!

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What are your three favorite stores to shop at? 1) for groceries, 2) for clothes, and 3) just your general favorite to shop at.

For groceries: Kroger

For clothes: Goodwill! They always have awesome deals.

And my all around favorite: The pet store!
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Groceries : Sainsbury's

Clothes : Marks and Spencer (Excellent quality!)

Favourite : Has to be Pets at Home
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Groceries: Waitrose (as if I could ever afford to actually do a whole shop there though!)

Clothes: Dorothy Perkins

And my all around favorite: Pets at Home Stores (and Homebase)
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Groceries: Albertsons, except for meat, which we usually get at Wal-Mart.

Clothes: Kohl's

General: Home Depot? Actually, I just go there to visit my money.
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Groceries: Waitrose

Clothes: River Island

General: House of Frazer
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Groceries: Adam's (local chain; there're like, 3 of them around here, I think) or the farmer's market

Clothes: Kohl's or Target

In general... Barnes & Noble!
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To be honest I buy most everything at Walmart
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Groceries: Lucky's on a daily basis, Whole Foods for the special days!

Clothes: I hate shoping for clothes! Nothing fits...

General: Barnes and Nobel! (You have good taste, Kaete!!)
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Groceries: Actually I loathe grocery shopping, but when I go it's to LOWE'S. Clothes: ISLAND BREEZE. In gneral:Any book store!
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Groceries: Fresh Market

Clothes: Macy's/Lane Bryant

General: Target
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Groceries: Sam's Club (I work there) and our sister store Walmart ( I end up giving a lot back to the company)

Clothes: Kohl's

General: Pet Supplies Plus/ Half Price Books
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groceries : whichever store has sales
clothes : value village
favorite store: any camera store (go figure)
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Groceries: Trader Joe's
Clothes: Ann Taylor Outlet
General: Nordstrom's (when I can afford it...)
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Good morning!...

Groceries: Walmart, & Cotsco
Clothes: Liverpool & Sears
General: SamĀ“s & Aurrera.......

Great question!..
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1. Winn Dixie or Sams

2. Avenue

3. Petsmart
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Foods: Von's / Trader Joes

Clothes: Lane Bryant / Walmart

Stuff For the apartment building: Lowe's

Stuff For my family: Walmart / Target

Walmart has the cheepest cat litter

I shop ALOT!
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groceries: Super store


General store :Coles bookstore
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Groceries: Giant Eagle

Clothes: Lane Bryant

General: Target
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Groceries - I like shopping at Wal-Mart for groceries. It's one of the cheaper places nearby. When we have our house though, we'll probably be like my mom - shop where the sales are!! I went grocery shopping with her when we visited, and she went to three different grocery stores to get what she needed where it was on sale (they were all along the way of one another anyway).

Clothes - Ross, for sure! I love the great prices there. I got a $60 pair of jeans for $16.99 there Rob tells me to go right ahead and shop for clothes there whenever I want, since he knows I can get a lot, for only a little $$!

Favorite - Hmm, favorite store of all time ... it used to be PacSun, but they are SO EXPENSIVE! I haven't gone there in about 2 years now. I don't know if I really have a favorite. Either Ross or Wal-Mart! Ross because of the great clothes prices like I mentioned, and Wal-Mart because of convenience!
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For groceries: Typically Wal-mart, although I wouldn't say it was my "favorite," it is inexpensive and very close to my apartment.

For clothes: Lane Bryant! They always have beautiful clothes in my not-so-tiny size.

And my all around favorite: Do websites count?!
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Groceries: Costco, Publix and Fresh Market

Clothes: Dillards, The Pink Tulip and some local shops.

In general: In general is EVERYWHERE. I LOVE to shop!!!!
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Groceries : HEB plus

Clothing: Either Sears or if I really want something special then Talbots.

Other: I HATE shopping so really there is no place I love to shop at. I do love doing internet shopping though.
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Food - Marks and Spencer

Clothes - River Island

General - Tesco
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Groceries: Diamond

Clothes: Hot Topic or Kohl's

General: Wal-Mart (the evil empire)
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1. Whole Foods Market

2. Victoria's Secret

3. PetSmart, Petco, etc...
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Food: Either of two Wisconsin "chains"-Festival foods for the best deli and meats (and bakery) or Woodmans-very cheap but lacks what the other store excels in.

Clothes: Usually TJ Maxx, Talbots, Macy's, Ann Taylor

General: TJ Maxx again, Target or Barnes/Noble or Home Depot even!!
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groceries - No Frills, Costco or Zehrs
clothes - Wal Mart
general - Wal Mart, Costco or Chapters

Of course, I like Wal Mart when I work at Zellers.
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Food: Meijer's
Clothing: Marshall Field's
Everything Else: Does e-Bay count? Probably J.C. Penney's would be my next choice.
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Groceries - Walmart, Three Bears Alaska (It's like a costco)

Clothes - Aeropostale, Walmart, Goodwill (SOMETIMES, not all the time)

Everything Else : usually walmart, hastings (it's like a blockbuster/starbucks kinda thing), kmart, albertsons, CVS Pharmacy (they have good make up there and picture frames), petsmart, Quality Supply (Horsemanship & Pet store), Claires, Bath & Body Works, JCpennys, Hallmark, Montana Magic (souvineir and candied goodies store)
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Groceries: It's a toss up between Kroger and Schnucks for general groceries- but for speciality things i really love Wild Oats!!!!

Clothes: Victorias Secret for lingera, Kohls and Macys for clothes. I'm also a fan of a few different stores we have in the mall.

General: LUSH!!!!!!!!!! (i'm also a huge fan of Target, Bath & Body Works, Pier 1 Petsmart, Hallmark (for their wood wick candles), Dollar Tree, and World Market. (yea, i like to shop)
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