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Another question..

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I have a 6-7 week old kitten that I got from the petshop last wednesday. He's been doing really good since he's been with me he playys with his toys and climbs up and down the cat tree and well anything that moves, lol. Basically acts like a normal healthy kitty. I've been feedin him purina kitten chow and he loves it. he also has water 24/7 too.

But eversince saturday he's had diarrhea, it's not firm but it's not runny and smells terrible.[ew I know but I need help]. And this only happened once, but yestarday I went to scoop and I couldn't really tell because he had covered it up but it looked white-ish and had a tiny spot of blood.What could cause this? Is there anything I can feed him to make him feel better?
At the petshop it looked like they were feeding him rabbit food or something because the food was in the shape of pellets, and i've never heard of any kitten food that looked like that.Could that have messed up his stomach in some way?

I've read online that it could be that he's nervous about his new surroundings, has an infection of some sort etc. && that plain yogurt can help. So is there anything I can do before the vet appt?
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instead of the yogurt, try adding probiotic to his wet food - you'll get more of the live cultures you trying to get than you will w/the yougut.
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What is a probiotic and where can I get it?

I havn't tried the yogurt yet cause I only have Vanilla that i've been eating with bananas[pregnacy cravings].
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You should be able to buy pro-biotics at a heath food shop. I would just go to one and ask - they likely will have them! I know here (in Ireland) you can buy it in grocery stores, but I can't remember if the US is the same (haven't lived there for a few years now). If you look in the yogurt/dairy aisle of a grocery store, you might see some.
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Thanks for replying, i'll look for some in the grocery store tmrw && I know of afew health stores around here.
Any idea why he might have the diahrrea though?
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A sudden change in food can cause diarrhea. It's best to transition them slowly onto new foods.

Boiled chicken with rice for a day or two should settle him down. But do get him to the vet, any new pet should be seen within a few days of coming home.
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Just a quick caution: If you're pregnant, you shouldn't be cleaning the litter box. There is a serious disease called toxoplasmosis that you can catch that way. It sounds like your kitten needs a vet check anyway, so please discuss that item, too.
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I know about toxoplasmosis, and I don't clean the litterbox-my mom does, that was a one time thing when I did it-couldn't bare the smell.

My vet said if it continues [which i'm sure it will, unfortunately] to bring him tmrw.
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Originally Posted by bubbahsmommy17 View Post
Thanks for replying, i'll look for some in the grocery store tmrw && I know of afew health stores around here.
Any idea why he might have the diahrrea though?
around here, human probiotics are available at the health food store, but not the grocery store.
pet probiotics can be found at places like petsmart & petco. i got this one at petco: bene-bac. you administer it twice, at [i think] a 3 day interval. directions are on the packaging.
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