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Foster Kittens!!

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My first official day of work as a veterinarian, and I've already got SUCKER written across my forehead... Their mom was feral and hit by a car, when the driver stopped to check to see if mom was dead (she was) these three were found in the bushes nearby.

Finally getting out of their crate...

Whats this??

Poor little drowned rats...

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Aww what cuties! Make sure to keep the warm after baths I know the calico is a girl but what about the other two? Any names for now?
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They are precious! Bless you for taking them in
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They are so sweet. How could you not resist? You are a vet. Congrats! You will have a hard time not bringing home a zoo I am sure.
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AWWWWWWW they are so cute. my 4 fosters lost their mom from a car but no one stopped, at least all of our fosters will have a good life now. they look about the size of mine, do you know how old they are? bless you for taking care of them as i now know how much work it is, but isnt it ever so worthwhile.
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They are so cute

I am so sorry they lost their mama. That is so sad. Bless you for taking them in
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Oh, they are SO adorable! Good for you for taking them in!
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Oh my goodness, they are so sweet.....RIP to their meowmy.......
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Awww they are the cutest
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Poor momma cat. These cuties sure are lucky they found you! They're too freakin' adorable for words!
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Oh my goodness!

how lucky they are to have you!

OT but I have that same fish tank for my Betta.
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