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Bizarre Behaviour - help please!

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Can anyone help? Both Fifi and Balie were spayed/neutered over 5 years ago. On Monday evening, I walked into the lounge to see Balie astride Fifi, scruffing her and making mating motions about halfway up her back, he was moaning at her - she was not distressed, she just lay there and occasionally looked around at him.

I also caught Ferdi (also neutered, but about 10 months ago) doing the same, abeit less vigourously a month or so ago).

Can I ask why? I could understand it if this had been carrying on since their ops, but to commence all of a sudden after all this time is most strange.

I picked Balie up after he got off Fifi, and he wasn't pretending, his little winkle was out and alert.

I'm a little worried about this and whether it will continue or why this is happening?
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It's that time of year Yola, and the scent is in the air. Balie is just acting in a normal fashion for a cat, and probably had experienced mating prior to his neuter. You might invest in the new Comfort Zone room mister by Farnum for Pets.
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my dogs have been doing that. Misty is fixed and so is her "boyfriend" ben that lives down the street but the other day we would not pry the two of them apart!
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Ah spring air!Sorry I could't help it!
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Poor Balie never knew what it was for! He's been fixed since he was about 16-20 weeks old.

He's NEVER demonstrated this type of behaviour EVER - and the 2 of them have lived together for over 5 years now.

If y'all think it's natural then I won't worry. Sorry - paranoid kitty-mama here!!!!
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Originally posted by Yola
he wasn't pretending, his little winkle was out and alert.
Oh my! This made me laugh so hard that my secretary came in to see what was going on! Thanks for the chuckle at your expense!
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too funny!! Misty has been fixed since she was 8 weeks and so has her boyfriend I think it is just that time of the year!
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I was about to start a thread on the same topic! Squirt is 7 and has been neutered since the age of 6 months. He has started scruffing and mounting poor Joey. They are both males, for goodness sake! When I get him to stop, poor Joseph bolts for safe cover!
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Some cats do it to show the others dominance! Peppurr was fixed last October, and he mounts Rascal! He never goes for the girls!
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