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I guess that's why they call it a mouse....

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Teddy is the ultimate distraction anytime I had to write a paper. He also likes to sit in front of my computer's monitor so I can't see anything. He also like to try and catch the arrow anytime I move it. As you can see, he also enjoys attacking the mouse. lol.... Thankfully, this picture is about a month or two old and now he is to big to fit there. I came across it as I was trying to clean up my memory card on my camera and thought I would share.
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I wonder what he bought on e-bay with all that mouse activity!
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that is an ADORABLE photo!!!
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Ok where were the cuteness warnings!!!

I love that picture!
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LMAO!!! That is priceless!
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lol that is truly priceless.excellent shot
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What a great picture!! Teddy is an equal opportunity mouser
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Awwww just look at those little pink feet!!!!
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Ooh that's adorable!!
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Teddy thanks you for the boost to his already enlarged ego. lol... I have a ton of pictures of him. He's such a funny and photogenic kitten. I'll have to upload more later.
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Lovely picture, he looks adorable.
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Aaaww, Teddy! What a sweetheart!
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Too cute! This is why I have a cordless mouse.

I've had to put anything with a cord away in a draw. If I don't Chester will try to carry it off.
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That is too funny! That photo is just priceless! Cats are so great for a laugh!!
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If I had a cordless mouse, I would never be able to find it. He would carry it off and hide it somewhere. lol
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Teddy is so cute!
That is a great photo of him with his mouse.
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That's such a funny picture!
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So cute!!! I love his little pink toes. Awwww.
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That really is super cute! I showed it to my husband, who remarked "OOO, it's 'live' mouse, too!" (Silly boy!)
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