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very unexperienced, and I'd rather leave it to professionals

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Just a few words about myself, I've taken in my third stray cat a couple of months ago. I found out she was preggers when she started showing a month ago. Believe me, i leave this to the professionals, I truly believe in getting your cats and dogs spayed. If you can't afford it, don't have an animal. We now have 3 dogs (one's a stray) and three cats ( all three are strays).

Polly had her first kitten yesterday morning at 10:30...poor little thing was still born. She moved it to one of the places where i had made up a comphy place for her. I made three of them in one of our biggest rooms in our house. I waited three hours and then removed it. I slept with her last night, and nothing more happened. My husband came home early and checked on her and she had given birth to another one. This one is doing fine, nursing, mom and baby are very content...mom's purring. But i'm thinking there should be more. I've been checking every half hour, and nothing more is happening....I've talked to the vet and they told me that if she didn't have another one in three hours i should bring her in...that was at 5:30. I've also read that they can interupt their own birthing process. She's not uncomfortable, and is really protective of this one kitten, so i didn't want to move them....my question is...is everything going to be alright? Has anyone else experienced this??? I'm worried, and so is my husband. Like i said, I've never done this before, I'm a newbie..first and last let me tell ya!!!!

thanks for any advice at all

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Coco did that. She had 3 live kittens between 2am-6am. We thought she was dne her labor stopped and everything. Then around 9pm she pushed once and a dead deformed Calico Male came out. My Sister went to bury him and a minute later another dead Calico Male was born. We were told she was having 3 by the Ultrasound and she had 5. She did not need to see the Vet and was a great Mom. Meeko just had 1 Kitten and we thought one was stuck in her because she felt hard and it was constipation. She got a xray to make sure. that was a day later. Do you know how mnay she is having. Sometimes they only have 1 or 2.
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I was just watching that video of the cat giving birth, and polly's the exact same cat....and no...the vet told me to bring her in after she gave birth. If nothing happens tonight, i'm taking her in tomorrow morning when i get my lucy lu (new stray dog) to get spayed. I just checked on her, and she wants to leave the kitten when i walk in, but as soon as the kitten cries, she runs back. which is good. But she also sits on the baby, so i'm a little concerned about that...should I just stay out of there for a while? Oh my gosh...i'm a nervous wreck right now. I've never had to deal with this before!!!!
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I am with you. My pregnant cat makes me nervous. I have never done this before either so I can understand your nerves. You just want everything to be ok.
How did the vet visit go?
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