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I wanted to show you someone...

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I rescued a kitten this Saturday. He was thrown from a vehicle. He is injured but not too seriously (his back leg is injured but thankfully by the grace of God no internal injuries.)

The Animal Defense League here in town will be able to take him Wednesday. Please pray he finds a home...with a leg injury and a possible amputation (I'm assuming he'd need this...his injury is at the ankle on his back leg) it could be much harder for him to get a home. I wish I could keep him but we already have 7 cats and it's not fair to them and he needs a quiet environment to heal.

It makes me so mad that there are cruel people out there who would throw a sweet baby like this out the window.

Here's a video and a few pictures of him. I've nicknamed him Freeway...

Here's a video of him purring...this is just a few hrs after saving him. Sorry it's grainy.

This picture you can see his bummed leg...

Ain't he cute
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What a sweet guy. And lucky to have someone like you come along and save him.
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GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!! When I hear stuff like that I get sooooo maaaaaaad!!!

He's a little cutie and so lucky that you found him. Now he has a chance at life.
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Theres a seat in hell for people that inflict cruelty upon any animal

He's as cute as a button, and he looks so content in those pictures, despite what happend to him
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He is adorable, but so sad what happened to him.
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How cute is he?!?!??

It continues to amaze me the number of freaks who treat animals like so much garbage. Someone should take them and throw them out a window. Geez. Un..freakin'....believable.
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he is indeed very cute...its a good thing you rescued him...
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Oh he's SO sweet, Thank God you found him, and I hope those people get theirs someday
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He's a cutie pie! I would like 5 minutes alone with whoever did that. I have gotten one like that myself and it is horrifying to see such a small, helpless, creature treated so.
Bless you for taking him in. Now FreewayCarbuckety has a little namesake.
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I agree with everyone about taking the person who did this and seeing how he/she would feel being hung outside a window...preferably one 40 storys up

Well today/tomorrow are my last days with him It's sooo hard giving up such a love bug! But Lord willing he will get a new home soon. As sweet as he is i'd be suprised if he didn't get a new home soon but the shelter he's going to has several cats that have been there since kittens and are now in the 4-5 year old range with no injuries . I wish I could have taken him to the other shelter that gets more traffic but they didn't have the funds nor the space for him or even kept him but with 7 cats already that's not the smartest thing to do.

So if anyone's in the San Antonio, TX area please go to the Animal Defense League and see all the sweet kitties they have. They are off the beaten path but well worth going to.
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Lots of vibes for Freeway to find a loving, forever home!

Bless you for saving him. He is such a sweet little cutie pie.

As for the [insert expletive] who threw him out the window, may they rot in hell forever.
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What a sweetheart!

I'll never get used to the fact that some people are so hard that they have no feeling or compassion towards an animal, especially a baby animal! I'll never understand that

Thank you for rescuing him and giving him a chance at a happy home.
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I wish that I lived in Texas.... or that you lived in Tennessee, so that I could come and get that ADORABLE little guy!

I really hope that he finds a loving home.
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He's absolutely adorable!!!! How could anyone treat something that sweet how they did? It's horrific what they did to him.
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Well he's at the Animal Defense League I loved that little guy.

The doctor said that the will try and save his leg but if it doesn't work the will go ahead and amputate. She also said he would still have a good chance of getting adopted.

I had the appointment scheduled at 3:00pm with them today but it took longer because two families dropped of puppies. The first one there were 9 puppies covered in fleas and ticks. The second family brought 5 puppies (there originally were 6 one had died) in most had been put in a box and left in an alley. They also had ticks but the staff said it was the worst case of ticks they had seen. It seems they were dealing with alot of hard cases today.
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he is adorable, I am glad to hear that they should be able to find him a home. It makes me sick to think ,of those kind of people, running around in this world.
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Oh he's so adorable! What a handsome little guy, he'll grow up to be a stunner I do hope he goes to a loving furever home... and that the people who tossed him burn in hell.
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What a sweet little baby! Sending him vibes for a loving forever home, he deserves the very best in life

Can you check up on him to see if he gets adopted?
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I along with my husband are thinking about volunteering there so hopefully I'll be able to see him every once and awhile (unless he gets adopted real soon .) It's WAY on the other side of town though so we couldn't volunteer very often. They also have a website and put the pictures of the adoptables on it and I'm hoping he will be featured on there.

Originally Posted by abbycats View Post
What a sweet little baby! Sending him vibes for a loving forever home, he deserves the very best in life

Can you check up on him to see if he gets adopted?
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Aaaawwww! He is so sweet and adorable looking! He looks alot like my little Max, about the same size, too! I can't believe someone would do something so horrible to such a precious little kitten! Thank you for doing your part and rescuing him!
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