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I'm so upset.. Sigh.

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I don't know what to do. My SO is getting really, really, REALLY frustrated with Toby and I know I am too.

Has anyone had to make a hard decision when it comes to improper urination? We just moved, and I have another post about what else I can do there, but.. has anyone learned to live with that?

I want to come home to a CLEAN smelling house, not one that smells of urine, no matter how much nature's miracle I dump and then steam out of it.

Has anyone else been in this situation?
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I have 5 pee'ers. Its is awful and so so frustrating, but I could never have them put to sleep. Im constantly going around with a black light and cleaning up after them. If you dont have a black light get one, it'll help find any spots youve missed. Ive heard prozac recommended, have you tried that?
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Prozac: for us or the cats?

How do you clean up the spots? Does the urine really glow under a black light? Honestly, I've used nature's miracle and it does NOTHING to neutralize his odor. He's not spraying, he's definitely peeing, it's just SOOOO smelly (no uti).

How often do you have to do that?
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I'm sorry to hear about your frustrating issue.

Yes, urine stains do indeed glow under blacklight. And so do numerous other things which you probably don't want to think about.

Have you tried any other enzymatic cleaner besides Nature's Miracle? You would think that they'd all be pretty much the same, but maybe there's a competing product out there that would work better for your sitaution.

If you're applying NM or any similar product to carpeting, you have to really use a lot of it so it can soak as far down as possible. As soon as you think you've used more than enough, use more. Sometimes it takes 2 or 3 applications before the odor is removed enough so that even your cat can't detect it.

Best of luck.
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have you gone thru the new house to make sure theres no spots that your kitty will want to mark?
i just moved and there were places that patches started scratching on and peed on. i know she couldnt help it. i catch her scratching in those areas at night when she thinks im sleeping.
maybe your kitty is picking up on old spots that arent cleaned well, too
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Please be aware that the enzymatic cleaners do work, BUT you have to wait for them to dry before the smell will go away. While it is drying, you have to prevent the cat from going back to that spot to pee. Where is he peeing? Is it in the same spot each time? If it's not in the middle of a walkway, you may want to put a litterbox there to start with, and then slowly move the box to where you want it. You'll also want to have several boxes available, and you may want to try different litters. Cat Attract litter is expensive, but a lot of people have had success with it.
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did you look to see if he was peeing on spots ffrom previous kitties?
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I have had great sucess using these two products at different times. They were recommended by this site to me. I used the black light to find all the urine spots and followed the directions exactly from the label. Shop around online to find best prices. and

Good Luck
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have you tried any of the good ole home remedies. I spray (soak) the area with half white vinegar half water solution and let set in, then scrub with a dab of palmolive dish soap. The vinegar really neutrualizes the odor. I know there are some receipes online for these home remedies and I have found they work better than nature's miracle and are a heck of alot cheaper. Good luck. I know you frustration I have a male pee-r on my hands. I follow him around trying to make him go to the litter box every so often then treat him when he does it right. Don't know if that works but I'll try anything at this point.
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Does he always go in the same place or is it just “anywhere but the box� I have a female who just likes to pee outside her box. She will keep returning to the same place if she can, but if you prevent her access, she just starts going somewhere else (that still isn’t the box).

I know here you’re more discussing what to do to make him stop, but I’ve been trying to find that answer with mine for 11 years and still no luck so I can’t help there. But to get the smell out of upholstery/carpet – I’ve found saturating the area with plain water, sucking it all back out (along with a lot of urine that it will dilute when you pour it in there) with a shop vac and then applying the nature’s miracle and allowing that to dry naturally works well. You have to leave the NM on there until it dries so it works. From your post it looks like you may be spraying it on like a detergent and then steam cleaning it back out, and that won’t give it enough time to work.
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THIS will work. Mix and pour on and allow it to dry:

2 cups hydrogen peroxide
2 teaspoons baking soda
2 drops liquid dish detergent

In my experience, the enzyme cleaners don't work too well, and are quite expensive. The enzymes are activated when wet so there is very little "enzyme action" if any in the bottle by the time you use it. This solution works every time, and costs just a couple of dollars to make a half gallon of solution.
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We just moved, so no, it's not the same spot. Now he's looking for a new one, I think, under the desk. We caught him before he did it, but that's no guarantee he won't in the future.

I just need to have something that will get the smell out completely. I do NOT WANT to live in a smelly house ever ever again!
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He's been checked for a UTI & cleared, right?

If so, ask your vet about Prozac or Amitrityline. He's obviously not happy, & one of those would hopefully help with the spraying & some other undesirable behaviors should he have them.
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I'm so sorry you are having this problem too. I don't have an answer for you. We are also on the fence with a pee'er of 3 years. I think you have to make the decision for yourself, but, I can certainly understand if you end up needing to make that hard decision you refer to. I guess I just think that once you have explored every reasonable alternative there does come a point at which you have a right to live without cat pee all over the house.
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I would be upset too. So you have taken him to the vet and no UTI.
How many litterboxes do you have? You should have at least one per cat. What type? Some types of litterboxes bother some cats, for instance, the doors or automatics ones bother some cats, they like open and quiet boxes.
Have you tried cat attract litter? There have been a lot of reported successes with adding that to the litter
Have you tried a Feliway diffuser? This can help with behavior problems
Are you cleaning with enzyme cleaner for cats specifically? This will help eliminate the smell and hopefully the behavior. You might want to try another instead of Nature's Miracle for your situation.
Is it the same spot somewhat, like same types of spots, under something? Maybe you can block off that spot or those spots you think he might or put some pee pads over the spots so he will go on those?
If you had to sit down, think in silence for a minute and give a guess as to what is upsetting this cat, what would you say? This could help a lot in helping you help him make his world a bit more comfortable for him.
And last, before you consider giving him to someone else, who will have to deal with that same problem, try meds as a last resort so you can keep your cat and help him
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Maybe get him an outdoor enclosure?
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