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Looks like I celebrated too soon...

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So, after moving, I was SO SO SO happy with Toby because he hadn't peed anywhere but in his litter box. Yay! He's been thrilled, getting along better with Trina, actually PLAYING, etc.

Then he went in the bathtub. Well, old habits die hard, I suppose.. then he continued to use his litter box. Now, today, my SO catches him in the act under our computer desk. What the heck is up??!!

Has anyone had a cat who finally did stop their improper elimination for good?

We've changed litters (he likes the new one better), we clean it at LEAST once a day, he's not stressed out (I really don't think the feliway thing will help considering how happy he has seemed lately), he has the option of both a covered and uncovered litter box, we have THREE litter boxes for both the cats.. I just don't know right now. I'm so frustrated. I really, REALLY want to have a clean house.

Right now we're locking him in the bathroom for the next day or so. I don't know what else to do.

Is there hope?
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Have you tried mixing in Cat Attract? Maybe that would help?
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I don't know if anyone has suggested this, but maybe instead of JUST making the litterbox attractive, make the places he tends to pee UNATTRACTIVE.

once you've cleaned up with an enzymatic cleaner, put tin foil and double sided tape down wherever he normally pees, this should deter him.

When my cat had a UTI he had a habit of going be in the closet, and even when I got it treated, he still went there, I think because he was afraid that litterbox = pain. So I covered the floor with tin foil, and the entrance with double sided tape, that cured it and we've been pee free for almost a year.
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I'm going to buy a Feliway diffuser tonight. I hope it works; they say some cats don't respond, and I know neither of mine do to catnip.. I just hope this works. Sigh.

He hasn't peed anywhere in here yet, really. Will got him before he could actually really pee and put him in his bathroom. I just hope something works. I need vibes. Grrr.
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The Feliway made an immediate difference with our cat who was spraying. I hope it's just as helpful to you.
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