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Attention Crafty People!

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I have been unsuccessful in finding posters for the walls of my cat room, so, I was wondering if anyone out there is good at making stencels (?) I guess I could buy the lettering at a craft store, but I would like to put the border as paw prints and persian kitty faces, about 6" high.
I will have the faces at the top of the wall with paw prints in between and the web addresses mid way up the wall. The lower half of the wall I hope to wallpaper (washable) or place linolium. I still have to rip out the carpet and seal the concrete. Yikes, this is so exciting.
Let me know if anyone out there can help out!
Thanks in advance!
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have you looked at ebay? You will be amazed what you can find on there! I bet there would be some kitty stamps or stencils.
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Hmmm Sounds cool. Here's a link that may be helpful:
stencils online
Hope that helps. I'll keep my eyes peeled.

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Here's some free paw print stencils:


I suppose you could probably print them on thin cardboard, cut out the paws, and paint where you want. Sorry I'm not much help. Good luck!
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The paw prints are great! Now all I need is a persian cat! Again thank you to all who are helping out!
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I've been looking on the Net for a while now and it is really hard to find cat stencils (especially Persians!).
Here are a couple of links that I've found...some are really cute! My favorites are in the first link! Hope this helps you!http://www.tswltd.co.uk/cgi-bin/sh00...3a9327Q#a9327Q
Good Luck!!
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I know this room is going to be great! I'll send photos as soon as it is complete!
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art.com has some really nice cat posters and prints in different sizes, I was just looking at them this morning!
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We are getting ready to lay new tile in our kitchen soon. With all the rain here, I am so tempted to stamp the tile with paw prints! That way when the dogs and the cats come in and out, no one will be able to tell that my floor is full of muddy prints!
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