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Vent, &$^#*& neighbors!

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Right from the start I didnt like my neighbors (I just moved a few months ago, one side the neighbors are great, the other side, grrrrr) when their dog came over barking and growling at me and my dogs and they just stood there and watched it. My dog is a Great Dane, he weighs 145 lbs. He might get hurt but if there is a fight he might do some serious damage (which would cause serious problems). So Im taking him out today, and here comes this dog running at us, I dont think its aggressive, it just wants to meet us, but my dogs think its unfriendly because it sort of rushes at you. So my dog is barking and pulling (Ive got a hold of his collar so he's not going anywhere) and growling at this dog, who in return snaps back, and the neighbor is just standing there. I have a bit of a temper, probably a good thing I had to hold my dog or there might have been a serious fight between me and this guy. So Im shouting at his dog to scram, go away, git! And the dog doesnt listen (not to anyone apparently) so I finally shout at the guy to CALL YOUR DOG!!! Does he? Not a peep out of the guy. He moseys over and finally says something and the dog runs back into its own yard. So my dog is all hyped up at this point and wont focus on going potty so we head back in. Here comes that dog again, and again its a little snapping match, and the guy is on the phone!!! Just watching!! By this point Im furious, like, really just fuming, but I keep my cool, say Look, Id really appreciate it if you would keep your dog out of here, does the guy respond, no! He makes a sort of lunge towards the dog and it runs off, but this whole time the guy doesnt say anything to me, not even a gee sorry! Now, Im gonna go count to ten.....or twenty
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It annoys me how inconsiderate some people are, They think nothing of allowing their dogs to bother other people. My daughter got hurt because of a dog just like that down the street, it went after our dog, which dragged my daughter through a ditch. Now our big girl doesn't go for walks, because these, people(idiots) refuse to control their dog.
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Ugh, I hate idiots like that.. if I was in that situation, I definitely would have said something and not been nice about it. Stupid people..
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call animal control & let them know that the dog is out & not on a leash, they might talk to the neighbor. Could make it worse, but it might be worth a try.
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thats what I was going to say call animal control and explain the situation and maybe they will be able to either tell the guy to knock it off or take the dog away
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