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Okay, okay maybe I have been wrong! If/When I ever get more kitties I will consider the other options available instead of declawing.
I am sorry if I ruffled some feathers by giving my opinion but I did and still do believe that there are two sides to this issue.
My cats are healthy, happy and well adjusted . But most important they are truely loved.
Until this discussion I did not realize that there were so many other options. I do take the cats to the vet to have their back claws trimmed. This is something that I do not know how to do and am afraid to try.
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Gert - I just wanted to say that I hope you don't feel you've been got at - declawing is a very emotive subject for many people.

It is obvious you love your cats very much and as an animal lover I do hope you continue to contribute to this site on the many other subjects that get discussed.
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Thank you for that. I know now just how emotional this subject is. I like a good discoussion when both sides are heard and respected. Yes, I will continue to contribute when somethign catches my interest or if I myself need help.
Thanks again.
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I agree with Yola. No one here is trying to attack you, we just honestly, truthfully believe it is in a cat's best interest to not declaw. I respect your opinion, but I do ask that you look further into the alternatives to and the risks of declawing.

I'm sure you can understand that we all just love cats and just want the best for every cat out there!
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Just wanted to comment on the belief that cats experience pain differently than humans.

Now that we can better examine the brain functioning of living humans and other animals, it is abundantly clear that the nerves, neurotransmitters, and pain centers in the brains of humans and non-human vertibrates work the same way. The only difference is that humans can say "Holy cow, that hurts" and cats can't! Most veterinary training schools now acknowledge that animals feel pain just like humans and because they now know this they are in a fast hunt for effective painkillers to use with dogs and cats. In the old days we never used painkillers for pets because we didn't think they felt pain the same way we do. But, that is very old thinking! A more recently trained vet knows much better than this!

Additionally, cats are hardwired to hide their pain because if they show how much they hurt, they will be killed by preditors. Thus, they feel exactly what we would feel if clippers were used to clip off our fingers at the first joint, but they have no way to tell us what it feels like. And...yes, most cats recover well from the surgery, just like most people who have amputations recover. But, I'll bet most amputees would say they wished it never happened and that their lives would be a lot easier if they had their limbs back. I'll bet declawed cats would say the same thing if they could speak our language!
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I just had my kitten Kramer (8 mos old) declawed about a month and a half ago. Today I read the article on declawing, I feel horrible for doing that to him, I had no idea. It hurts my fingers just to think about it. I have been apologizing to Kramer ever since I read the Article. I will definately not have my new kitten declawed.
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I have reservations saying what I am about to, and Lord knows I don't want to ruffle anymore freathers than I already have but...
I still believe that declawing is the way to go for some situations. My cats have all been declawed and are happy, healthy, well adjusted kitties. I love my kitties dearly and would NEVER do anything to them that I thought would harm them in amyway. I wouldn't however, declaw and adult cat that might affect them strangely. Please dont anyone take offense at this, like I have before in this forum it is only my opinion and it is only different from yours...not wrong.
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Tarav - I just want to commend you on taking the time to read the article on declawing with having a new kitty in your home. I know you said you feel bad about having Kramer declawed now that you know what's involved, but, at least now you know, and you can continue to choose what's best for your kitties with your new knowledge.
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i really can´t understand why people have cats if they don´t really want them as they are. Cats do have claws, thats a simple fact. And no one should have the opportunity to change such typical bodymarks. It´s a cat and not a fluffy toy. In our country it is illegal to declaw cats and thats one of the rare laws to protect animals.
Declawing cats it´s the same as you would want a dog without teeths because he could bite.
Sorry, i now this discussion was on the end...
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