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Tonight may be the big night! Babies incoming now!!

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Ok, so her tail is constantly wet, she's licking herself, she inspected all the places we prepared for her, she's drinking alot of water, she's restless all around the house... I prepared all the necesary places with newspapers and towels, water is close by for her, food also. I think tonight may be the lucky night! I'm soooo anxious, i'm following the cat around everywere, i'd scared that she might have the kittens somewere along the way, or in the halway. Help?
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Congrats! Just to warn you, she might need her space so don't follow her to much I wish you safe and healthy kittens!
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one baby came out, but has this wierd thingy still atached to it. what do i do?

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might be the placenta... hopefully someone more knowledgeable will look!
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That is definitely the placenta. Mom should sever the cord and eat the placenta (she needs the protein, it's ok).

I'm having connectivity problems, but if she doesn't sever the cord let us know...
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That is the placenta. The Momeats it and severs the cord.
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she didn't, it's still there. she came out of the closet, when the baby meows she gows in and looks curiosly. But that's pretty much it i guess.
her belly is still very big, and i can fill something inside still, evan though she gave birth to the little one at 4 am (it's 7 am now)
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It is very important for her to nurse that Kitten. You need to cut teh cord.(http://cats.about.com/od/reproductio...rthprocess.htm) Maybe this will help.
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she's just wandering through the house... how do i get her to nurse it?
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My Meeko refused to Nurse her only Kitten then my Coco would go to nurse him and Meeko would stop her. I put the Kitten on Meeko and held her there so he could Nurse. You may need to call the Vet because 3 hours is a long time between Kittens, I took my Meeko to the Vet because she felt hard on her side after Yoshi was born and didnt want to nurse him at all. He did end of Nursing on Meeko and Coco. She had to have a Xray to make sure there were no more kittens. I do not know how vets are where you live.
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i put her next to the kitten and she looks curious at him and sniffs. but that's about it. She just sits there and looks at the small thing. Am i allowed to touch the baby?
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yes you can touch the baby. try to get her to lay down and put him up to her nipple. Angel wasn't sure what to do at first but she also had a c-section so was a bit out of it and think that had a bit to do with it. but once I got her to lay down and the kitten figured out what to do all was great with them. do you have some KMR and bottles on hand? the kitten can't go that long with out eating... so you should try to bottle feed him/her
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Also, not to overwhelm you...but the baby needs to be kept warm. If it gets cold, it cannot suckle.
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So cute! I'm sorry she won't pay attention to it. Any more yet?
After losing my kitten, this makes me a bit happier.
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she had another one, but he died ... i think he was born dead, she only cleaned half of his sack then left him... i'm still crying after him ...
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Oh no! Maybe that was why she was restless and uninterested in nursing. How is the other guy doing?
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The normal pattern is for mom to give birth to a kitten, followed shortly by the placenta. She will cut the cord connecting the kitten to the placenta with her teeth, eat the placenta, and lick the kitten dry while it tries to find a nipple to nurse on.

Your little guy is in serious trouble, I'm afraid, if mom doesn't lie down next to him, start nursing and clean him up and get him warm. Is this her first batch of kittens? This is a common problem among first timers.

Also, the kittens may have a defect or an illness that mom senses, and it's nature's way of taking care of those problems.

EDIT: One thing you might try is to put her in a small place with the kitten.
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unfortunately, the kitten died. He had a heart problem and eventualy couldn't breeth anymore. He lived for a day. She had 5 kittens in total, 2 were born dead and the third died.
She has 2 beautiful kittens now, a boy and a girl, that she nurses, cleans and loves. i'll be back with pictures
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I can't wait to see them!
I'm glad you at least have 2 of 5, the others are now in heaven with my Raven
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So sorry baout the Kitten that died. When my Coco had Kittens almost 6 years ago the last two were dead. I would love to see pics of yours.
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well, if your patience runs out, here are the pics

i'll start puting them on here as well
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i'm so sorry about the three kittens that died, but i'm also happy for you that two of them survived at least, and mummy cat is ok.
i'm sure they will do well now that mummy cat is looking after them, and i wish you all the best for them
my cat kitty had her 4 kittens 2 weeks ago, and they are very similar colours to yours. she had 2 blacks and 2 torties.
your pics are lovely, the babies look gorgeous. thanks for sharing them.

take care
tracy x
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thank you tracy
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Aww what little lovelies. It is a shame about the other kittens. RIP.
It is so good that she has two she can mother and love. I can't wait to watch them grow.
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me too! just wait until they are up and crawling around
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What cute little balls of fluff
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They are soooooo cute!!! yaya
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Wow, those kittens are beautiful. And BIG!!!! Is it just me or are they huge?
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Originally Posted by kluchetta View Post
Wow, those kittens are beautiful. And BIG!!!! Is it just me or are they huge?
Nope. They are pretty healthy sized to me too.
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