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I'm back!!!! Kind of.....

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The floods of 2008 are really killing me!!! We are ok, thank goodness we moved out of Cedar Rapids! My internet is down because the company I go through is based in downtown Cedar Rapids and is compeletly under water. I'm at the library because I just can't stand being away from TCS any longer! The last time I was able to use the internet was on Wednesday!!! The internet is still going in and out for other internet companies because they are all located in Cedar Rapids or Iowa City!

Just saying hi! I'm glad to be back for at least an hour or so!
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We were wondering just yesterday whether you'd been flooded out. Glad to hear you're alright!
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Originally Posted by jcat View Post
We were wondering just yesterday whether you'd been flooded out. Glad to hear you're alright!
Well gosh! I'm glad you were wondering about me I just about did! Our little town made it, but we really can't go anywhere. I do volunteer work up by Cedar Rapids and all the side roads are flooded so my half hour trip turned into 1 and a half hours! I want to pull out my hair!
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Good to know that you are okay. I'm in the NE part of Wisconsin that got all the rain last Friday-well actually I missed most of it-even 10 miles away from me they got 2.5 inches on Friday. Granted for the entire week we got 2.75 inches but drive 40-60 minutes away and they got flooded really bad.

The pics of Cedar Rapids are amazing and now I hear sandbagging is going on further down the Mississippi. The Fox river here is the one to watch as it flows north to Green Bay and Lake Michigan-some spots it overflowed its banks but nothing terrible yet.
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I was hoping all was well with you. So glad to hear you are ok and not in the heart of the flooding.

Please stay safe, I know things are not going to be "normal' around there any time soon.
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I'm glad you're all right! The floods are just wild this year.
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We used to work for a Cedar Rapids company (CRST) and I e-mailed our old dispatcher to see how they are doing. He's out until Wednesday, so I don't know for sure what that might mean.
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I am so glad that you are ok! Keep us updated when you can and let us know how the animals are doing too.
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I am glad to hear you're OK! I don't have you # anymore, or I was going to call you I was worried.
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Glad you`re ok

I don`t know how you can cope without internet, I`m a total addict!
Hope you can get back on soon
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glad that you´re friend......

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
for you my friend...
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Hey everyone!!! Thanks for thinking of me!! I love TCS!

The roads are finally starting to open up! I thought all my birthday plans were going to be crushed because of all the flooding! Thank goodness I can still get to everything, I just have to drive WAY out of the way. I'm loading up Bonnet and taking my boyfriend and a friend to ride Clydesdales in IL tomorrow. It's a blast and I go every year for my birthday! I'll take pictures!

Here are a few pictures of what it looks like around us! This road was closed all this week, and these are before it was closed.

I couldn't stop on the side of the road because the water was about a foot from the road were I could have stopped on a normal day!! This road was surrounded by water for almost 6 miles! I think a lot of the roads will be closed for quite some time because the water washed away a lot of the back roads. I drove on one that just opened one lane because the other lane was completely gone!

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I'm so glad you're ok!!! The floods really have been terrible all over the midwest this year. We have a nice sunny day here in southern MN right now, but I understand Iowa is supposed to get more rain again!!!
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Yeah! It seems like the rain is never ending! Every time a road opens up you never know when it will be closed again.
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I hope you have a anyway!
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