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This is insane, I'm stunned

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I frequent a gas station down the road from me so I know everyone that works there. There is one lady who is really nice, kind of young (early 30s) and we chat all the time. She had just gotten a divorce but they are sill friends and they share children together. Although the kids are grown. Now here's the totally insane part. I was in there just now and noticed she was looking kind of rough. I asked her what was wrong and she said her ex died in a car accident Sat. night. I was absolutly shocked, still am. I stood there with my jaw on the floor for the longest time before I went and gave her a hug. I guess her ex was driving and crossed the center line, hit a tree and went down a 20 foot embankment. Of course police think alcohol was a factor. I am just so sad for her. I mean I know they were divorced but she still had feelings for him. This is just too crazy.
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That's so sad.
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Oh no, that's so sad!!! I bet she appreciated having someone ask after her and give her a hug. It's horrible when you feel bad, and nobody notices, or says anything.

Sending to her and her family.
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awww that poor family!!! may he rest in peace
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Life is so short. We need to be so very thankful for every day we have and remember to tell our loved ones we love them.
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OMG that's so sad! My jaw dropped when I read that. Poor girl.

Many for her and her family.
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Thats terrible. I hope she will be ok.
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Wow, that's terrible. I hope she can find some peace tonight.. =(
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Reading this sent chills down my spine! takes me back almost 7 yrs ago,
whenever I was told about my Marvin, and his car accident! That was the hardiest thing I have ever been through, and I really feel for her! Doesn't matter divorce or not. Tell her I will be praying for her, from here in Texas,
I can tear up right now just thinking of all of it! There is a constant hole as far as I can tell that won't ever be filled! I told myself
to believe it, it happened, and I think God only lets you handle bits and pieces of the grief as your heart can stand! It was as if I knew he was gone.... but I denied it so I could go on...... I couldn't think about it in depth, for quite awhile, cause the pain was so great! Time has helped all of that! but sometimes it can surface and BOOM you'll just breakdown crying again! It is the wierdiest emotion you will ever experience! cause you don't ever get over it, you just accept it and live with it cause you have too! Bless her heart!!!!!!!!!
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