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Is it normal?

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Is it normal for cats to lay on their backs in weird positions? Monster has always done it, and lately, Mittens has been doing it. everyone that lives here says that they have never saw a cat lay the way that they do. im sure they are not the only ones right?

here are a couple pics..

do any of your cats lay like this? post some pics, so i can show them and prove that my cats arent the only ones. lol.
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Yep! Completely normal! Abby sleeps in all kinds of positions.

Here is one of Abby:

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Your cats are not the only weirdos!

I have two cats that sleep and lay around all prim and proper...than I got Rocko He is SUCH a boy! Always laying around with his legs open! He will flop down on the floor and be all twisted around with his belly showing. He can even sleep this way! Glad he is so relaxed!

Fiona does sleep upside down just not on the floor...I have some pics of her sleeping on the computer chair and her cat bed all upside down...i'll see if I can scan them into the computer and post them here. Her belly is soooo hairy it's cute
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It is a little grainy. I was taking a picture of a photo that I have at work with me But it is Fiona on the computer chair...there is a pair of jeans resting over the chair and her head is buried in the jeans. I don't know how she can breathe!

Another one that I too from a photo, I had only had her a few months and caught her asleep like this! She was so cute! My girl!
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Oh yeah. Mila is a professional back-lying contortionist. I wish I had some pictures of her - she can really turn herself into a pretzel! And she acts like she's soooooo comfortable. Cats are so weird!
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I wanted to add that a cat's tummy is the most vulnerable part of their body, so they tend to only expose it when they feel safe and secure.

So the fact that your kitty is sleeping on his back exposing his tummy to you is a good thing
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Oh yes, your darlings are quite normal! I love how they can look SO comfy and snug and at the same time look SO contorted!

This is Evie being completely un-lady like:

Sorry it's such a bad pic, cell phones, ya know...
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hey, i can post pix!

Chip, aka Mr. Sprawly-boy!


Cable as a kitten

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OMG!! This thread is so cute
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Yes, that is normal, take a look at my Lucas.... hehe

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What a cute thread... lots of TCS kitties sleep in funny positions. Wickett LOVES to lay on his back.

His favorite thing to do is what I call the FLOP & ROLL where he flops down on his side and rolls onto his back. Usually he cries at me to rub his tummy too.
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I had a big orange cat when i was a kid that would lay in such odd positions that people thought he was dead.

Once my neighbor had been watching him all afternoon and after a few hours of Bowkie not moving she was sure he had died. My neighbor didn't want me to come home from school and find my precious cat dead on the steps, so she called animal control to remove it. When they went to scoop him up, Bowkie opened his eyes and started purring. My poor neighbor said her and the animal control person nearly had heart attacks.

After that she said she would frequently come over and nudge Bowkie, just to make sure he was alive, but she would never call anyone again.
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phew.. at least im not the only one.. these pics are so cute! & im sure they will help me prove that my cats are normal..
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yeap. same stuff here:

And just to show this isn't something new, here's one when he was just a tiny little guy. Same exact spot on the couch though

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one of Chip just the other day...

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Originally Posted by materialsgirl View Post
Oh yeah. Mila is a professional back-lying contortionist. I wish I had some pictures of her - she can really turn herself into a pretzel! And she acts like she's soooooo comfortable. Cats are so weird!
That is what Socks is like.... He will lay on his back and sleep in odd, contorted positions. I wish I had pictures of the time he was all stretched out and twisted up, sleeping literally with one eye open. That was creepy, especially since my boyfriend and I had just watched the movie The Exorcism of Emily Rose the night before. She was lying on the floor in a creepy contorted fashion during one scene... and Socks pretty much mimicked that the next day. It was so weird o_o
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Aww, fun thread!

Matilda does this every so often, mostly when she's hot I think:

(ignore the kitty chin acne)

Chloe sort of does too, but not nearly as often as Matilda. She usually doesn't fall asleep on her back, but it's close:

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