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Feeling like a failure

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About 3 months ago a cat was dumped on me. He has been clearly abused and is very feral, and slowly I am gaining his trust. I haven't been able to trap him yet, I keep trying, but he is smarter than most. He is not blending in with my feral colony at all, and even if he did, there would be no way I could keep him. I am over the top right now in regards to cats.

I almost had him tonight, and he got away, but even when I do catch him, I am faced with the tough decision of what to do with him? I have been advertising and looking for a barn he could inhabit, but this is kitten season and people are already dealing with their own cat populations. I sense, that unless I find a place for this tuxedo kitty, I will have to take him to my vet and have him euthanized. It makes me sad, it makes me sick and it makes me mad, but I have little choice at this point. Right now, I have 29 cats on my property, 10 are inside/outside the rest are ferals that have been integrated together, but the vet bills still have to be paid for shots and stuff, and I am stretched past my budget.

I hate that people are so careless with cats around here, and are not responsible caretakers. This little guy would require a lot of time and patience, but under the right circumstances in the proper home, he would make a nice kitty. He has started to come in the house, but after tonight when I captured him and lost him, I think it will be a month or so until he does that again.

Please don't flame me that I am thinking along these lines. I do what I can for the ones that come here, and although the heart is not full, the home is.

Thanks for letting me vent this, and yes, I have contacted all agencies within my disposal and have been told the same thing over and over, "Sorry, but we are full-up!"
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Hissy, youre not a failure. Youre just trying to do whats best for alot of kitties, and youre only one person. You've done everything you can. If euthanizing the feral kitty is your only option, then its your only option. You can't wave a magic wand and make evrything come out perfectly for every kitty, every time. No one can. I'm behind you 100% whatever you decide.
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You are NOT a failure. You did everything you could for the kitty. Stop beating yourself up. I've learned over the 3 years I've been in rescue that you can't save every single cat. And yes, it is frustrating that there are so many irresponsible people out there who think cats are disposable. No flaming here girlfriend. I'm behind you 100% as well. As I said in another post, try the serenity prayer, God, Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdome to know the difference. It helps me from getting depressed and frustrated over the feral situations. You are a good person and an for doing what you do. Believe in yourself. And remember all the success stories. Nothing is perfect and things happen for a reason.

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Yippee!!! I just talked to a lady that will add him to her barn. She raises goats, so he will have plenty to eat and drink there. She has taken 4 of my cats in the past, so I know he is going to a good place.Now just pray that I can catch him!
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Hissy - you are a real ! Thank you for saving him and the rest of the cats!
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that is wonderful news!!!!

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See?? Things happen for a reason. You are a real gem! We love you!

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I was in tears when I first read your notice - then OVERJOYED! with the end results.
Good for you and God bless...
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you are an outstanding person, a heart like heaven, please dont ever
feel like a failure.

i'm happy this story has such a good ending - for you & for the cat.
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