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what to do for a sliced pad

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Hi all,

My 12 week old kitten just managed to slice of her toe-pads, I think on the metal chain that holds the bathtub drain plug in my bathroom. It bled a bit at first (I noticed the red foot prints on the floor, but then stopped. I cleaned it with some iodine and tried to put a bandage on it with gauze and athletic tape, but she hated it and commenced to tearing it off as soon as I let her go. So I ended up talking it off for her. It doesn't look too deep, and she doesn't seem to have a pain (she doesn't wince when she walks on it and she still wants to play with me). Should I be concerned about a minor cut like this, or just observe and take her to the vet only if it becomes red or exhibits any other signs of infection? I've read that pad cuts are slow to heal.

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Definitely keep it clean - she might hate you for a little, but peroxide, then rinse with water and antibiotic ointment... she'll try to lick it off but maybe hold her for a little so it sinks in some

Oliver did this a couple of years ago - my mom scared him unintentionally in the kitchen and he jumped straight up and came down on the sliding glass door track on the floor... his was really bad and wouldn't stop bleeding though so I took him to the vet (he had the same reaction to bandaging lol)... she cleaned it up some more and glued it shut and he had to wear an E collar cuz he wouldn't leave it alone.
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i'd only be really concerned about litter - do you use clumping litter? if you do, that can get into the wound & cause problems... then you'd have a big bill at the vet's! i'd probably see the vet for gluing if possible...
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Out of pure curiousity, does anyone know if you could use something like "new skin" on a cat?
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Thanks for the advice! I'll keep it clean and try to put neosporin on it a couple times a day. Also, I think I'll look into alternatives to the rock (clumping) litter that I've been using so far. You're right, that just seems like asking for an infection...
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Something natural (corn/wheat) or more of a pellet form litter would probably work. Not sure if pellets would be a little rough on a sore paw though!
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