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Daily Thread Monday June 16th!

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Good morning my lovelies!

It would be Monday today..and its going to be 21 degrees and thunderstorms today.

I get off work at 2:30, and will be heading to the seamstress to get a dress altered that I might wear for my betrothal.

Other than that, just heading home for some Trout love!

Have a great one folks!
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I don't know whether to get another outfit for the wedding i'm going to in August?. I'm at the hair salon saturday so i might wander in to have a look. The only problem is i've already bought my shoes, bag and fascinator for the outfit i've got already!
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Susan, why are you thinknig of getting a different outfit?
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The outfit i have is a Windsmoor two piece silk, floaty suit with a camisole, but i don't know if i want a dress now with a pashmina?
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Packed up my last fragile box, not much more to pack till we leave! Taking some pics of the tv, and book shelves to put up for sale..
Cant believe its not too much longer till we leave.
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Good morning!

Running on 4 hours of sleep or so . After last night's aggravated "YOU HIT OUR CAR!" moment, Rob and I couldn't fall asleep. Plus, I was worried about Monte since he wasn't waiting for us when we got home! Usually he always is waiting outside or inside for us whenever we get home and he didn't come in. I was wondering since his parents hit our car so hard, who was to say something didn't happen to Monte out in the driveway?! Finally could fall asleep around 1am.

Woke up at 5am when the first alarm went off, then stared into space until 5:40 or so before getting up. Monte was sitting out on our car this morning, so of course once I saw him I could stop worrying and was then completely exhausted!

So it shall be work til 3:15 or so today, then off to the doctor with Rob, now that he is covered on my medical insurance. His wrist pain has been getting worse over the last two weeks or so. He uses his hands/wrists/arms a lot at work, so we can't have them being messed up! Then home to TRY and relax.
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Waking up from another poor night of sleep. Moved to other bedroom around midnite as we have a very brief rain shower then of course Bobber was yowling to come in!! So 5:30 came around early. Cloudy and cool today high in upper 60's but chance rain!!
There wasn't supposed to be rain in forecast this week-grrrrrr

So truck is loaded up and I will work in my yard for an hour before heading out-trying for four stops today with one not until this evening unless of course it rains.

Bakkers is napping already-the others still outside.

Have a good day!! (I'm tired already)
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Morning All!!!

Cloudy and looks like rain here. They are calling for thunderstorms again later today..

I am tired out this morning as well, had a headache most of the night so didn't sleep much at all. Heading off to work shortly so am hoping for a quiet event-free day...

Nothing special planned for tonight just an early one.

The kitties are all fine, two are napping and Linus is up to something in the bathroom. It sounds like he has one of his toys in the tub and is chasing it around..Linus is very easily amused.

Everyone have a good one
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Good morning- nearly good afternoon!

Like a lot of you, I'm tired today. It must be Monday morning!

At work today, our internet was out in the morning, and I can't do ANYTHING without internet, since all our files are on the server which we need internet to access. So the first three or four hours of my day was a waste. I had to distract myself doing something since I couldn't go home, and I ended up working on personal stuff. So I feel bad for that, and now am distracted and want to get back to my personal stuff! But to make it worse, now I have four less hours to do all my real work in! It really threw off my day...

But enough whining. On to the good news! WE HAD POTTY!!! Mommy cat FINALLY went poop and pee both, in normal amounts, for the first time since coming home 10 days ago. I was really getting worried! Never have I been so relieved to have to clean a litter box.

That sure says something about my life that the most exciting news for the day is kitty potty!
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