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picture of my boys

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Here's the most recent picture of my boys Chaos and Riggs. It's probably like 3 months old but it's the most recent I have right now. Chaos is the grey and white boy that I had when first coming to this forum. He was found outside but he's about a year old, neutered but NOT declawed. I was able to take hubby out of it but I have to keep nails clipped and a bunch of other stipulations go along with it.

Our newest one, the orange and white, is Riggs. He's about 6 months old. We got him from a petstore when he was 8 weeks, we got him in January of this year. He was the last of the litter and I traded them some fish equipment for him. He was covered in poop when I got him (he had severe diarrhea) and after I gave him a bath I found he was also covered in fleas! The store I got him from offered to SELL us some flea product to use for him (because he's been in our house 5 minutes so obviously he picked up the fleas from our house). So we ended up getting him into our vet the same day and they were able to get him all treated for fleas.

The cats took quite some time getting used to each other (well Riggs liked Chaos from the start but Chaos HATED Riggs). They both get along great now no fighting (well except for play). Riggs sleeps on my husband's chest at night and I sleep on my stomach so Chaos sleeps on my back at night (Chaos is a momma's boy and Riggs loves everyone). I was so happy to find out that I wasn't really allergic to cats like my parents had told me, I'm allergic to dogs (which is bad because we have 3) but not cats.

Chaos and Riggs:

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awww they're adorable!chaos looks like my mum's kitten storm except she has no white. she got her from the local animal shelter and she's so funny!
riggs sure is a handsome boy, its a shame the pet store were f*ckwits (excuse the language but its true) about the whole flea thing. i used to work in a pet store and there's no way we would sell an animal with diarrhea let alone riddled with fleas!

cant wait to see more pics of him as he grows!
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He had been covered in poop since before we got him the poop was dried on him and we went in there atleast once a week and he always had poop on him. So once I got him home and bathed I discovered the fleas. Luckily he went straight from the box he came home in to the bathtub and he never left the bathroom so the fleas didn't get on everyone but they were adult fleas so he had been infested for awhile. They blamed us and said that he must have gotten them from our home! Needless to say we don't go to that store anymore!
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that's so mean, the poor little fella was probably fed crappy food the whole time he was there. the thing that annoys me is most pet stores have companies that give them heavily discounted (if not free) food, flea treatment etc as long as when i person buys a pet you sell them those products.....RIDICULOUS!!!
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Handsome boys!
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Very cute kitties!
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They are adorable
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they are lovely and riggs is too cute! after what sounds like a miserable start for him it certainly looks like life is good now!
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Such gorgeous boys!
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