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what the heck is in my cat food?

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I was giving the cats their nightly can of merricks and when I opened it I found a big black spot that covered some of the top of the can of food. I dug into the can and found some of the chunks of meat also had specks of black. I have never seen this in the food before and I have gone through 4 cases of it already (of the same flavor). What could this be that I found in there food, I didn't feed them the can and searched through the next can and found nothing out of the ordinary. I have never seen that in their food before.
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I can't see the pic. It says it was removed.
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That is REALLY odd, I would contact the company about this, because if it is something horrible, there is no telling how many others have it, and if they don't notice....

If you do contact them, please post what they say!
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I would call the company and show it to the Vets. Maybe someone can test it and see what it is.
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oh that wasn't a picture, it was my siggy. I did take pictures and I'm emailing the company tonight and I will call tomorrow too. I have never had this problem with the food and it was just the one can out of all the cases. I look at all the canned food before feeding them though no matter what they eat and have never seen anything like this before. Lucky it was something I spotted before feeding it to the boys though, even if it was harmless I don't know and so I threw it out but took pictures and I can retrieve it from the garbage it's in a sandwich bag.
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I am intreged.... can you put the pics up here?
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Here is one, not so good picture. You can see the black spot on top is what I was wondering about. There are specks on some of the chunks of meat too we found when we started to look at it and more black spots in the actual can, like what is on top. My husband took it out of the fridge and is dissecting it really good and taking clearer pictures. We're going to call the vets tomorrow and also make sure we call the company too but it'll stay in our fridge. I may just be being paranoid here but you just never know anymore. I would probably be relieved if someone told me I was being paranoid though!

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I dont know what to say. Could you bring the Can to the vet and show them?
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
I dont know what to say. Could you bring the Can to the vet and show them?
yeah we're saving it to bring in tomorrow. We're hoping it's maybe just some discolored...fat or something but it's better to be safe than sorry. I freaked out when I opened the can I got so worried about it.
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It kind of looks dark red in the picture rather than black. Perhaps it's a vein?
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What cat food is it and what are the ingredients?
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She said Merricks, but last time I used it it was realllllly soupy....
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I opened a can of New England Boil today and there was black stuff in it. I threw it away. That's a shame because it is April Joy's favorite.
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Is there guar gum in the food? I had something like that happen with Felidae and someone on a dog forum said they had found the same thing in Canidae canned food and the company said it was guar gum that did not get dissolved.
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I'll have to check the next time we go to the store. We were gone on a family emergency and our neighbors took care of the boys and they said all the cans they opened had black stuff in it so they didn't feed it and bought this new canned meow mix stuff instead. The boys went NUTS for this canned meow mix though and seem to be doing ok on it so far but once that stuff is gone we'll go back to something like fancy feast.
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