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Happy Fathers Day!

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Happy Father's Day to all of you guys out there with skin and fur kids!
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Happy Fathers Day
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Yes I hope your fathers days went amazing!!
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Thank you. My cats didn't even wish be that
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Dh went downstairs this morning and immediately got a big ol' snuggle from Smudgey
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happy fathers day! hope all your furbabies give you lots of extra snuggles
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I could not see my Dad yesterday because we had made plans already. My friend I met online years ago took a train here. We had planned on going to see my Dad today but the wife said no because its her Grandsons Bday. Me and my Sister got this for our Dad and she took it there yesterday. I was afraid the fruit might rot on the way because it was almot 100 here and was almost a 2 hour drive. We added a Balloon and Choc covered Orange Slices to it.
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Well thanks, I spent the best part of it going to and fro to the tip with the last of the rubbish, ready for the move on Friday.
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