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Omg we almost hit a Deer Yesterday

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We were coming back from http://www.irishvineyard.com/ which is a nice Winery and a Deer came out of no where on highway 49. I said watch out a Deer is on the other side of the road. We slowed down and it walked right in front of our truck and froze. We would have hit it. It was a young Male Deer. We had my friend from online with us. To bad my Cell Phone was full of Pics and we had no Cam.
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Holy! That would have scared the !@#$ right out of me!

Glad you didn't hit it!
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It scared me. My Husband once hit a Deer and his Car was totaled. That was on highway 1 by Santa Crus before I knew him.
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Glad you didn't hit it, they can REALLY mess a car up! I always loved seeing deer on the side of the highway when I came home from work. It was usually between 12:00-3:00am (restaurant closed late) and they always seemed magical to me...until one ran out in front of me in the fog. Yeah, it was pretty much demolished...and so was my car, but I did manage to make it home. I was in tears! When my dad saw my car, and me in tears, he thought the worse. Finally, in between sniffles and sobs, he got the message that I hit a deer and gave me a big hug. Then, his friend who was with him asked where it was...he wanted venison. What made it even worse was there were two of them and I hit the male. In the rear view mirror, I saw the female going back for her mate. I killed her husband!!!

But, the sweetest thing I ever saw had to be late one night driving on my own street in the middle of town. Luckily the speed limit is 25, and I usually obeyed the speed limit because there are a lot of kids and animals on that street. Sometimes you would see deer (there are mountains on either side and they wander down, especially in winter). One night, I was coming down the street and I saw a herd of deer (well, 5 or 6) running across the street to go into the cemetery on the other side. I stopped to let them cross...and the last one to come was a little fawn with big spots on him. This must have been the first time he ever walked on asphalt because he would put his foot (hoof?) down, lift it up, sniff, put it back down, pause, then try the other foot the same way. I finally just turned the lights off on the car and watched by the streetlights as one of the other deer (his mom?) came back and got behind him, nudging his butt with her nose like "hurry up, before you get yourself killed!". It was the sweetest thing I've ever seen!
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There are plenty of deer on the roads around here and during deer hunting season in November there are roads I avoid due to the deer sightings.

A deer was partially responsible for my sisters accident last night-she has alot moving around all year long-here its the worst in the last fall when rut starts.
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