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He Is Home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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My father in law is a cop, and he showed up with animal control and guess who was in the back of the van!! My little nanook (okay big nanook) but he is home and safe!! I'm soooo happy!!! yea!!!!!!!!

I'm going to be doing an update on snowwhite on her page soon. she is still doing good.
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Yey! I am so happy for you! Is he allright?

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I'm very happy for you Val! Where did they find him?
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That's wonderful news Val!! I just love a happy ending!
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Naughty boy, worrying his mommy, like that! Make sure that he gets a good scolding, before you give him hugs and treats.
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YAY!!! That is EXCELLENT NEWS! Give him a giant hug for me please
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Whew! I'm sure that's a load off your mind! I'm so glad for you he came home safe!!
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they said they found him out wondering and someone removed his tags.... So i think someone was going to steal him!! Luckly fil saw him and brought him home today he is sooo happy and calm. I think he just need a good work out. Looks like he has been having a ball the past couple days well rich and I were worried sick. We are going to run to petsmart and buy him a harness...that might be alittle harder for him to get out off :LOL:
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YAAAAYYY!!! He's back home!!!

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WOOHOO! What a relief! I'm glad everything is better now and Nanook is safe at home. Shame on those people who were going to steal him!
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Yay!!! I'm glad Nanook is home now.
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Glad he's back.
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OOPS...hadn't read this yet when I posted in the other thread about him that I was sorry he hadn't been found yet.....anyway....I am so happy to hear he is back!!!!!!!!
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im glad Nanook is back home.
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