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Dorri(7 m/o)possibly Portosystemic Shunt

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First of all I want to start off to say that I am extremely sorry to bother you, but at this moment I am desperate. My family and I have been taking care of three kitties born to a stray/?feral cat. Two of the cats are extremely healthy, but the third is far from it. Back in January I took this cat named Dorri to the vet (a few of them) due to enlarged belly. At first they thought it was worms that was soon canceled out then they thought for 100% it was FIP, which I was scared to hear. The vet took many tests (very costly,actually put me into debt) and FIP was ruled out. I think due to the fact of her age (she is now 7mos) my age, size of bank account (small,sad to hear), and really unable to diagnosis they told me to basically go home and wait ( they thought she was going to soon die). Almost five months later she is still hear. I have and did lots of research about her case and I told the vet (back in Jan) I believe she has Portosystemic Shunt, and I truly believe now she has it. She has all the symptoms! Since January she has had a few slips ups, but mostly good days. I can't say that though for this past week. At the moment she is drooling, panting, and wandering. What to I do? I want to go to the vet, but I know they will have to do more tests, but I know they will at the very least cost me $500. To this date I have spent thousands, and I am sad to say I can't afford it at this time. Do you have any advice tips for me? Hope you can and thanks!
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Can you see if you can get Care Credit? I had to get that for my cats and its full now. I have used the Er Vet in San Mateo when I lived in the Bay Area. My Brother used one in san Francisco last time. Can you see if any will take payments? She is doing what my Stormy did the day before she was Pts because her Kidneys were gone. Thats why my Care Credit is full. I hate to say it but your Cat will die if she dosent see a Vet now. It also might be to late for her now. I took Stormy within a half hour of her acting that way and they could not save her. That was my Vet here.
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Care Credit can be a blessing for those in financial straits.

I hope you can find out what is wrong with her. Some animal hospitals have funds for hardship cases. It is worth checking out.
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Do you have a veterinary teaching hospital anywhere near? Sometimes they will take cases for the learning it can afford their students, and that sounds like a fairly rare syndrome... and for your kitty!
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