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White Puppy + green grass = Green Puppy!

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Izzy got green, after all, it is "hip" to be "green" lately, is it not?

Grass got mowed yesterday, got home from work to green puppy (wouldn't show up in pics). Puppy got bath, fluffed, & combed.

Took her outside today to play while I was showing Margo (the cat) around the place. Of course, she had to roll in everything she could find so she's slightly tinted green again.


My poodle cut is growing out & I look more Bichon less poodle!

Hidey puppy in the grass (Blending with her surroundings, ya know? )

With her new BFF Margo in the shop getting into stuff

Posing for mommy (she FINALLY has some hair to her tail, it's always been so thin now it's not so "rat" looking!)

Eyeing the prey (Margo) for a pounce 'n' chase

Sneaking up on her...

"Mom she hit me in the face with her paw!"

I just love this shot, slightly tilted head & all

A tired puppy is a good puppy!

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AWW almost makes me want a puppy
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Oh she is a real cutie
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A video of her going bonkers. She has been "arf arf arf arf"ing at me all day long.

The dilute calico kitty is Fafeena, the white/buff one is Cow.

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Awwwww she's so sweet!!! She's going crackers in that video
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She's like a little tornado!
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That's funny. I guess you could call yourself "White Dog lover!"
But I know what you mean, I have a white dog and sometimes I think he wishes he were dark brown brindle. Doesn't show the dirt as much.
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in that pic with her head tilted she really does show she is a bichon! beautiful little girl she is!
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Hahahaha...silly puppers!
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