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R.I.P. Dogga

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Dogga was my BIL and SIL dog that they got for their son as a puppy. He was about 13 yrs old. He was playing with their other dog and fell down an big incline behind their house. Poor Dogga broke his back! The vet told him that he probably wouldn't survive the surgery to repair his back and if he did, it would not heal very well. They made the hard decision to let Dogga go over the bridge. He was PTS while his family members were around him.

Play happily over the bridge big boy!
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Awww how sad

Run fast across the bridge Dogga, but be nice to the kitties

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Oh, that's terrible.
Rest In Peace, Dogga
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He was a huge dog too. It must have really hurt him when they put him in the car to go to the vet. My MIL told us that they were giving him treats all the way to the vet. Please pray for our nephew, Sean. He is 13 and grew up with the dog. I know he is taking it very hard. At least Dogga was surrounded by the people he loved when he passed over the bridge.
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So sorry about the Dog.
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that is such a tragic story, what a horrific time for everyone involved. my thoughts are with the family especially your nephew.

it is so sad to lose a dog at any age, but at 13 i'm guessing he was in his twilight years too. i'm so sorry that he had to cross the bridge that way but i'm sure he was comforted by having his loving family around him.

RIP dogga, my rb lurcher leo will find you and your days will be filled with play and joy.
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RIP Dogga. It sounds like you will be missed by a lot of people.
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That is such a sad story. I'm so sorry for your loss. Rest in Peace Dogga.
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poor sweetheart maybe they should put up a fence so this doesn't happen again?

May you RIP sweet Dogga
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Who could have predicted something like that could happen, though? There are hills everywhere; you could fall anywhere, down a set of steps or from a porch or window... There's no way they could have known.
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