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Snuggled in close

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I love waking up to find Popsie snuggled right up next to me. I sleep on my side and he's usually pressed right up against my bum. Goodness knows it's big enough. Do your kitties snuggle with you at night?
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That depends, really, on how hot it is and his mood... But usually, when I wake up he's curled up against my back.

Last Thursday morning he attacked my alarm clock when it went off... must've wanted to sleep in...
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Aw, you've got to love lovey kitties!!

Most mornings Evie does come over to cuddle, but she's not usually as nice as Popsie. I sleep on my side or stomach, and when she wants to cuddle she usually makes me turn over to my back!

But this morning, she did make me roll over, and then that cuddle session was done, so I went back to my side. When she came back for part two, she did just curl up against my back.
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I have a sneaky snuggler. Callie, my older cat, loves to sleep with me, but DH doesn't like her on the bed. I often wake to find her snuggled by my legs or at the foot of the bed. She waits until we're asleep and then hops up on the bed undetected!!

Hannah loves to sleep curled up next to me on DH's side of the bed. If he's late getting to bed, she'll often hop up and sleep with me.
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none of my current ones are big snugglers... i occasionally wake up to find one [usually Java] between my legs [i'm mostly a back sleeper]. Mouse was my big snuggler/lap or bed!
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Ours sleep in bed with us. My youngest cat sleeps on my husband's chest and my boy, Chaos sleeps on my back (I sleep on my stomach). So when I wake up he's always there and I turn over and sure enough Riggs is sprawled out on my husband's chest. They wait till we fall asleep too, even though we don't mind that they are in the bed with us.
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Murfie is big on snuggling, her fav place is right on my neck so not super comfy for me but she's cute so gets away with it!
She doesnt get to spend the whole night in bed though as not only do i have a leather bed that im worried she'll claw but she likes to hunt invisible mice at all hours of the night and makes the most hideous noises!
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milo and shinobi are snugglers. i will quite often wake up to find i have become the center of a cat sandwich! once those 2 are settled nothing budges them!
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Originally Posted by tab View Post
milo and shinobi are snugglers. i will quite often wake up to find i have become the center of a cat sandwich! once those 2 are settled nothing budges them!
I've been the center of a "cat sandwich" on a few occasions myself. Or I end up with "cat bookends": Oliver directly behind my head and Rocky between my feet.

Rocky's more of a snuggler than Oliver, but Oliver will come up and snuggle, especially if it's just me and Matt isn't staying over.
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Zane generally spends part of the night with me, and is frequently with me when I wake up.

Isn't it amazing how much of the bed one cat can take up?
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Simba never has been a snuggler, and he normally never even lies in bed with me except for in the past, when I was depressed - he knew when I needed him. He would lie at the foot of the bed and help cheer me up.

Murray, by contrast, is a definite cuddler. A lot of times he will snuggle up to me when I lie on my side. And I don't dare move because I don't want to disturb him and break the bonding mood! If I sleep on my back, he will crawl onto my stomach and lie there. And he is a big boy of 15 pounds!
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Not sure how much Smidge sleeps with me overnight - I'm such a deep sleeper. I often awake in the mornings with her curled up in the crook of my arm (I sleep on my right side).

If awake and she isn't there - I call to her and she immediately comes running, jumps on the bed, and settles down for some snuggling. It is our morning routine and she gets annoyed if I skip it.
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