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I freaked my husband out last night!

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We were sitting watching TV, and I asked him what he wanted for Father's Day (keep in mind, we have no kids). The look on his face was the "deer in the headlights" look. He just stared at me for a second and said "huh?" He looked completely panicked! I actually watched the color drain out of his face. I don't think I've ever seen that happen before.

I had to laugh! I said "honey, you're daddy to the cats and dogs...remember? Our children??"

After he finally started breathing again, he told me to NEVER to that again!

I swear, I was honestly only thinking about our babies! I was going to get him a Father's Day card and sign all their names, but maybe that isn't the best idea now. Honestly, it was funny because I didn't think about how that would sound and his reaction was priceless.

(If I ever did get pregnant..and with health issues it will probably never happen...he wouldn't be surprised quite like that!)
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Too funny.
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I should go say that to Rob!!! Neither of us want kids, and if it doesn't click with him that I'm talking about the kittens, he might freak a little bit.

For Mothers Day, he asked me what he wanted the kittens to get me
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XD That gives me an evil idea for my DH as well!
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Reminds me of one time I was too quick to pick out a Valentine's Day gift. It was a 3-fold and I didn't read one of the folds. As I was ready to sign it, I saw that it was going on about how wonderful a father he was. So of course I had to sign the kitties' name to that part card.
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That's awesome..

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That is sooooo funny!!! DH and I don't have any 2 footed kids either and no prospect of having them as I am way too old. But he is "Papa" to our two kitties.
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ROFL!!!! I can only imagine my hub had I asked him in that manner several years ago.....he'd have probably acted the same way, since like several of you we didn't particularly want children, lol! On the other paw, I have for years signed birthday and other cards to him ( and he for me) from the kits too.....have on some occasions bought an especially cute one to give him from them alone. Have also for years signed all cards to my parents from "the grandcats" and listed the names on the card. At Christmas, when mom still had cats, we'd take at least one cat gift from my cats to hers....sad, huh?

There is a funny story to this note though, there's a lady in my hometown who was forever asking mom about when she was going to have grandkids, etc, etc.....drove mom nuts. Finally, one day she caught mom in a "mood" and mom told her yes, she had some, and she had some pictures she'd show her, but made the lady promise not to laugh because her grandson had a body hair problem (deadpan, dead out serious). Said lady promised her that she'd never laugh or make fun of a small child, no matter what the condition....upon which mom whipped out a pic or two of Rusty for her. The lady looked, looked astonished and then did laugh,called mom by her name, and told her that was a good one......but she's never bugged mom about it any more!
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Oh...that is priceless and to die for!
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absolutely priceless!
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that is a good one. i'd loved to see his face
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OMG, that is hilarious!!!
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So after I posted previously, I went out and asked Rob what he wanted for Fathers Day ....

A look of complete confusion crossed his face. He pretty much KNEW there was no chance of being a human-baby father, so he couldn't figure out what the heck I was talking about Then he finally realized I meant the kittens.
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Bwahahaha that poor guy! I can just imagine how my lovely boyfriend would react.. especially since I'm 19!
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