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Caterwauling by a neutered cat

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I have three cats, two females (both spayed)and one male (neutered). The male cat Fudge is a Maine Coon about 20 pounds in size. Lately he has been caterwauling (loud screaming or talking) a couple of times a day for a couple of minutes each time. This I think is not a cry of pain because he usually then lays down to take a nap. Is it possible that a neutered male can still show signs of a sexually aroused male? I'd appreciate any help in this matter.


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Max is part Manx and he does this too. I think it is a yell for attention, because whenever he does this I say "What's wrong my baby?" and he comes running for some loving. It is really odd because he will leave the room that I'm in and go to the bedroom and sound off around three plaintive meows. Like I said, when I call him he comes running.
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It is that time of year when the females are in heat and the males are marking their territory. He could just be responding to all the chemicals in the air outside that he can smell. It would depend on when he got neutered and if he was able to mate before he did get neutered.

If he is doing well, eating, drinking, playing and using the litter box, then hopefully he is not coming down with something. Perhaps he just hears something beyond your range and is answering the primal cry?
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Our cat (four this month, neutered at 6 months) does that whenever there are female cats around that are in heat (it's hard to miss because all the tomcats in town are hanging around) and when a neighbor's DOG is in heat. We can generally distract him to stop the caterwauling, though.
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