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Your Best Deal - Auction?

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Anyone that goes to auctions? Tell me about some of your best deals

We went to one yesterday. Picked up a lot of good stuff. Our best deal was a lovely blue chair for the living room worth $40-50 and we got it for only $7.

Another time, DH got our living room couch/chair for $5. And we got an old antique double tier end table (round) for $10 - he looked it up and its worth about $100.

We've never paid retail prices in furniture stores. We let others spend that money and eventually wind up with good quality stuff from an auction

What's your best deals?
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I've never actually bid in an auction, but I've worked at many. My former fiance's family own a successful auction company.

I learned so many tricks of the trade and how auctions work. If you are dealing with a reputable company you can get some pretty awesome deals. But beware that it's not uncommon to have auction staff in the crowd making bids in order to up the price of the item. It's common practice actually.

You sound like you got a great deal on the furniture!
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My DH made his living for a few years in the auction business (both sides) so he's pretty knowledgable about that stuff. He's taught me a lot.

I was proud of myself last year - we needed a patio table/chairs. So I had to go to the auction myself as DH was busy with a church-related thing. I did what he taught me about bidding. Got a table, chairs (5) and umbrella for $15. You should have seen me getting that stuff home in a Toyota! I managed to do it all by myself
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We got our bedroom set for $100. My parents used to have the same set and paid thousands for it. We were at an auction once and they had a type writer and nobody wanted it, so they gave it to us for free.
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Ive only been to one auction, my mom got a set of Honeywell air purifiers for $2

Ive found some neat stuff at second hand stores though. I collect old trunks, to be restored when I have time I was looking at a site that sold refinished trunks and they had one that wasnt refinished for $400, it was awesome, an old steamer trunk. I found one exactly like it in a second hand store for $20! And the next time I checked the site the $400 one had sold!
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I guess not the low prices everyone has paid but a nice oak secretary desk for $100 about 15 yrs ago-it didn't even need refinishing and while taking to the car a guy offered us double for it-but we didn't take him up on his offer.

Alot of the auctions we would go to would be run by the same auction house and they had staff in the audience bidding items up. We waited about 6 hours at one for the furniture to come up and had this dresser at $125 but "they" bid us up to $400. But thats ok we gave it right back and bid up some stuff we didn't want and they got stuck.

Its just so exciting when the item you want comes up for bidding man my heart is just racing!!
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Never been to an oction but I have picked up some great buys at garage sales

I have a righting desk it's a hutch desk you pull down a door and thats the desk when the door is up it just looks like a little cubord it's so cute I got it for a woping $20

My kitchen table it's round on a pedistool $10

My office desk it's old it has dove tailed joins and an inlayed top I love it $20

To many good byes to tell ya I'm a bit of a garage sale nut
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