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Sunday!! What's on Your Agenda?

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Morning All!!!

To all the Dad's Out There HAPPY FATHER'S DAY

Nice morning here, sunny but not to hot yet..

Heading off to work in a bit, hope to be done about 3.

Nothing special planned for this evening, just watch TV and putter at the computer.

The kitties are good this morning, watching the starlings in the cherry tree outside the front window. Linus and Sassy are just watching them, but Pixie is telling them off..

Everyone have a great day
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Church first, then we will head up to Buffalo to meet up with DH's 2 sons for a Father's Day meal. Probably stop at a few yard sales on the way. We did some great "shopping" at yesterday's auction - got a ton of good deals (including a very nice light blue chair for only $7.00)! Its worth a good $40-50.
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We're leaving Maine today Checkout is 12, then we're going to the mall to walk around before heading home. Stopping in Portsmouth for lunch and to visit my boyfriend's old coworker. Then stopping in Concord to do some grocery shopping before heading home. I don't really want to go home; it's been a nice mini vacation, but it'll be nice to see the kitties. It was supposed to thunderstorm last night, so hopefully they didn't get too scared.
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The layreading at the eleven o'clock Church service and then out to lunch and a couple of errands.
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My mom is having a housewarming party today and then we are having a family dinner tonight. She is trying to get her mind off the fact that its fathers day, plus it would have been their anniversary. This is the first year without my dad so she is pretty sad. The dinner was supposed to be outside in the backyard, but it is supposed to rain and chance of storms all day today so I hope that doesn't happen.
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It's supposed to be another hot day here.

We need to go to the Farm supply store over in Ohio, I need to get some stuff for the horses and the garden. Then we're on the hunt to find someone baling hay around here to get us a few bales until our supplier gets his hay baled.

After we get home, we'll probably spend the rest of the day outside working on cars and tractors and with the horses.
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Good morning everyone!

My boyfriend just left for a little while to go see his son and I will soon be off to help at a meeting at a community centre nearby. Then I'm off to get some cat food.

I was going to plan my vacation, but it seems like it's going to rain all week... so a 2-3 day biking tour doesn't seem like such a good idea.
I'll have to find something else special to do this week.
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Rob and I finally rolled out of bed around 11am this morning. We are still at my parent's house I really don't want to go back to his parents house now. But then again, I usually don't - even if it after work, too!

We aren't doing much today, just lounging at the house. My mom already did her grocery shopping yesterday and we went with her, so it's relax day here. My mom is going to cook my favorite dinner again tonight (It's the only night out of the 3 we've already been here to do it! Thursday was Hardees cuz everyone else was closed post-graduation, Friday we were at Carowinds and then got chinese food, Saturday we went to Red Lobster to celebrate my brother's grad, so tonight is cook-at-home!).

I got my dad a card for Father's Day. Then we put $70+ in gas in his truck for him, (and $50+ in my mom's car for her ... neither of them have filled their tanks in awhile). Rob also bought my dad a 12 pack of beer the other day when they were working on my brother's car.

Not looking forward to leaving, but it was fun!
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I will be heading to the gym shortly...then painting my toenails, figuring out a new workout regimen and going grocery shopping. Thats about it!

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Well, once I get motivated, I need to straighten up our house. Then, we just found out yesterday that we need to move everything we have in storage out of MIL's farm house (where we lived waiting for our house to be built). DH's uncle and his wife just found out they sound their house down state and will be living in the farm house until they can find a place up here. We have a TON of boxes from our house and my mom's house, not to mention furniture we don't have room for.

I'm seeing a yard sale coming soon! Fun, fun!

Happy Father's day to all you kid and kitty dads out there!
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Happy Father's Day!

We have no father's day related plans today. Husband's dad is off on a week long fishing trip, my dad is off working in Yellowstone, and husband isn't a father yet! Though that may be different by next year.

What we do have planned today is game day! We have two different types- family game day and friend game day. Today is family game day! So we will all get together in about two hours, order pizza, and play games for the rest of the day.

This morning I've been pretty lazy. So far, I've just taken care of the SEVEN cats (still in shock with that, and it's been over a week! Wait till the five little ones are big, then I'll really be in shock!), and then popped on here. It's 12:30 and I'm not even dressed yet!

Hubby, though, has been awesome. He's taken out the garbages and cleaned the chin cages. Aw, married life has its advantages!

All the critters are doing great. Dogs are disappointed because it's game day, so they won't get their big long walk. Chins are happy 'cause they have clean cages! Evie has had lots of loving already today (started at 6 AM, later than usual!) and now is trying to sweet talk her dad in to lettering her outside with him. "Mommy" has left the kits again, so we had to scare her back to them, and she was feeding last we checked. So they are happy! She didn't eat but about three bites last night, but she did go potty! So we're working on it.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!
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