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Kitten Teething

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My 5 month old cat is starting to get his adult teeth. I noticed the other day that he is getting his new kanines. This may seem strange but he now has two sets on either side. I want to add a pic but cant seems to be able to. Basically it looks like his adult teeth are coming in from behind his kitten ones and I just want to make sure that they will sort them selves out, Thanks.
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yes they will, its fine
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Originally Posted by Jen View Post
yes they will, its fine

The baby teeth will be pushed out by the new adult teeth. Sometimes it takes about a week.

Have fun with your kitten.
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Does it look like this?. This was Jacks just before he went into be neutered, but it dropped out a few days later


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Something nice you can do for your kitty while he is teething is give him some of the big, fat, plastic straws to chew on. I had those straws littered around my house when Bijou was teething. When one gets too chewed up just toss it and throw down a couple fresh ones.
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As for the teething, the others have all provided good responses so I have nothing to add along those lines, but if your baby (or not so much baby anymore *smile*) is getting in his adult teeth, then it's time to contact the vet and make his neuter appointment if that hasn't already been done.

I know this is off topic, but after the mess I had with my boy at that age and a little older, I hope only to prevent others from having to go through the same things I did (replacing appliances due to spraying and the like).
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